"VIM-Avia" from negative to positive
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"VIM-Avia" from negative to positive

"VIM-Avia" from negative to positive.


The situation around the Russian airline "VIM-Avia" has been very strongly heated, and, expressed it in the first place regular delays of flights, leading to massive complaints of passengers, some of whom have lost a few days of its release, some had to re-pay for a ticket to interchange flight, etc. All this is directly attracted the attention of the transport prosecutor's office, which is why an investigation was set in relation to the air carrier.



With what exactly are the numerous delays in the performance of flights? Initially, it was assumed that the usual delinquency on the part of the airline's management was the main reason for the long delays, however, later the representatives of the domestic air carrier uncovered this secret, saying that the delays in flights were related to the delay in the delivery of passenger aircraft by lessors, which naturally clarified the problem, but did not allow Solve it. To regulate the situation, Rosaviatsia demanded that the air carrier VIM-Avia restore normal flights on its routes, otherwise, the air operator could in fact deprive flights of flights on charter routes, which would effectively deprive the airline of the opportunity to receive most of its income.

According to news agency Avia.pro, in the last hours 24 domestic flights shedule really radically changed the situation in their activities - are currently (at the time of this article) absolutely all flights of "VIM-Avia" carried out according to the existing schedule, which is probably it refers to the fact that the airline management realized the seriousness of this problem, and will adhere to the existing schedule.



Unfortunately, the passengers of the domestic air carrier, and it is likely and not only they, adhere to the position that the airline does not deserve the right to engage in its activities, therefore, there is an obvious agitation associated with the need to deprive an air carrier of this activity, in particular, on the network Information resource change.org (the link is not provided by the author of the article consciously), a petition was created calling on Rosaviatsiya to introduce a ban on any air travel with respect to the airline. However, there is a huge nuance in this, which will not bring any positive moments to passengers and interested parties, in particular, to date, the air carrier VIM-Avia is the largest airline on the territory of the Russian Federation, and its departure is in fact unacceptable, As in the crisis situation for the entire civil aviation of the country, this will give rise to only big problems, including those for passengers, the elimination of which will take many years.

The most favorable combination of circumstances at the moment is the restoration of an air carrier of its normal work, as has been observed trends, moreover, it would be beneficial for passengers in particular and for the whole field of civil aviation as a whole.


Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for Avia.pro

Wow! And I didn’t know that "today, the VIM-Avia air carrier is the largest airline in the Russian Federation"
I'm a foolish on Aeroflot sinned in this matter, and now there it is!

And where is the trend: we are at the airport waiting for almost 20 hours !!!


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