Vishnyakov Sergey Fedorovich. Biography. Fighting. A photo.
Vishnyakov Sergey Fedorovich. Biography. Fighting. A photo.

Vishnyakov Sergey Fedorovich. Biography. Fighting. A photo.


The domestic pilot - fighter. He participated in the war with the Germans. Served in 32-m air regiment in combat shot down German planes 3. He participated in the Korean conflict 1950 - 1953 years, commanded a regiment there 176. He made more than 120 sorties in combat over Korea shot down enemy aircraft 6.

Some of America's allies in the aggression was sent to Korea to help its aircraft. English deck aircraft operated south of Pyongyang and met only in the episodes with fighters Sino-Korean Air Force. Australian Squadron, armed with twin-engined fighters "Meteor-4", were more militant, and often appeared in the zone controlled by the Soviet "MiG".

Vishnyakov Sergey Fedorovich. Biography. Fighting. A photo.

Already the first meetings with them showed that their planes are far from meteors. They are absolutely inferior in all respects to the MiG-15, and besides the flight preparation of the pilots turned out to be very low. Many Australian fighters were shot down by Soviet pilots. Finally making sure that the "Meteor-4" can not successfully lead any even defensive battle against the MiG-15, they decided to use them as fighter-bombers. Often, during the massive raids of the Americans, they operated only in the region south-east of Anjou and only could be completely covered up from our fighters.

The first victory.

This stratagem our command very quickly recognized. Although Australian special military actions did not matter, they should be punished at all. For this command assigned a group of 16 MiGs under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Vishnjakova. Once, on a predetermined plan, Vishnjakova group flew far to the north and began to wait. The calculation of fully justified. As soon as the aircraft took off Americans, for their "back" went out to her neighborhood and 16 "Meteors" - is almost all that remains of 4 squadrons.

Vishnyakov Sergey Fedorovich. Biography. Fighting. A photo.

Fighter "Meteor-4".

Part of the group of MiGs were ordered to pretend that engages in battle with the Americans, and the group went Vishnjakova bypassing district "play" fast and flew to a meeting with "Meteor". Australian pilots did not accept the fight and in a panic who scattered to the sea, who is to the south, but the way of their retreat has blocked several pairs of MiG allocated for this purpose. During the battle began 12 "Meteor" was almost immediately shot down. Our losses were not pilots. This meant that the Australian Air Force in Korea, almost ceased to exist ...

On his return, Vishnyakov continued service in the Air Force. He died in 1955, in a tragic plane crash on Bulgaria Air.

Vishnyakov Sergey Fedorovich. Biography. Fighting. A photo.

My father, Serbian Fedor Petrovich, served in Kaluga as head of the political department of the division, commanded by Sergei Fedorovich Vishnyakov. I was friends with his daughter Svetlana.