China Visa Application Center in Moscow
China Visa Application Center in Moscow

China Visa Application Center in Moscow allows the client to receive a full range of services related to obtaining visas to the PRC and Consular legalization. To achieve this, the registration procedure was simplified as much as possible and the deadline for submitting papers was minimally reduced.

The official website of the VC, located at ChinaVisaCentr.Ru, provides detailed information about what paperwork is needed to obtain a visa, how to fill out the application form correctly, how much the service costs, and what is the time frame for obtaining a visa.

China Visa Application Center in Moscow allows you to contact hotline specialists. Call center employees will notify applicants about when the papers were submitted to the Consular Department of the People's Republic of China, how ready they are for the issuance of a visa, and also about when it will be possible to pick up the foreign passport along with the visa at the CC.

If you need help obtaining a passport or visas to Asia, America or Schengen visa, call our VISA GURU visa center: +8 (495)255 45 35 XNUMX XNUMX.

How does the China Visa Application Center in Moscow facilitate visa processing?

If, when applying for a visa at the Consulate, any additional questions or problems arise during registration, the CC staff will contact you to obtain additional information and resolve current problems.

If papers are submitted directly through the CC, then money is saved that would otherwise be overpaid to intermediaries and travel agencies.

China Visa Application Center in Moscow: location and contact information

The main office of the visa center is located at: Moscow, Vasilisa Kozhina Street, 1. The main website of the visa center: You can also contact the company’s specialists by calling the hotline and by email.

If you call by phone, specialists will answer instantly. But if you write a message to an email address, the response will be within 24 hours. Operation of the China visa center in Moscow Available only on weekdays.

Opening hours, address, contacts and services of the China Visa Center in Moscow

Let's take a closer look at when it happens registration at the China visa center in Moscow, and through what contacts you can contact Call Center specialists.

Exact address of the visa center

Make an appointment at the China visa center in Moscow and you can ask the necessary questions at the address: Moscow, st. Vasilisa Kozhina, 1, section 1, 1st floor.

Opening hours, contact numbers and email

Opening hours of the China Visa Application Center in Moscow – only on weekdays. If on some days the CC is open on holidays, this is reported separately on the official website. The organization accepts documents from 9 a.m. to 15 p.m. As for issuing passports, this procedure is carried out from 9 am to 16 pm.

Services provided by the visa center

The main service that can be obtained through China Visa Application Center in Moscow – this is the preparation of a visa document. Below is the type of documents that can be issued here.


But there are other additional services that are very popular. Let's look at some of them that are the most popular. And there are many of them here. For example, you can use SMS notification, and then the client will know exactly when his documents will be ready.

The company also offers courier delivery. This means that the required package of papers will be taken from your home, and only then a completed and fully issued passport will be delivered to you. But the price of such a service will depend on the specific region in which the citizen filling out the form lives.

One of the most popular services is the VIP lounge. This means that you will not have to wait in line in a stuffy room - a separate comfortable room with air conditioning and refreshments is at your service. But you should understand that this service will not affect the speed of receiving the document in any way, since the visa is essentially issued not by the visa center, but by the consulate.

If a citizen does not have time to pick up documents on time, he can do so later. But again at an additional cost.

One of the popular services is a “personal assistant”. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that a citizen who wants to apply for a visa orders himself accompanying services. This includes almost everything, from submitting and checking papers, to assistance in filling out the application form, skipping the queue, and also submitting biometric data without a queue. The cost of such a service is relatively low, amounting to only 2500 rubles per applicant. But if you only need to fill out a questionnaire, then this can also be done for money. The price of such a service is purely symbolic and amounts to 400 rubles.

If you didn’t have time to take photos elsewhere, you can use the services of a photo booth. Its advantage is that the photos will be ready instantly. Also, if desired, it will be possible to photocopy the necessary papers for 60 rubles/sheet.

Submitting documents for a visa

The classic package of papers required for delivery through China Visa Application Center in Moscow, is the following option:

  • the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • a foreign passport, and if there is already a mark that the citizen has successfully entered the territory of the PRC, then this will be a plus;
  • booked round-trip plane and hotel tickets;
  • pre-entered data on a questionnaire in which the citizen will tell about the purposes of the trip;
  • color photographs;
  • insurance that costs at least $15 of coverage;
  • a copy of previous visas to China.

But sometimes the package may differ depending on the type of visa you receive. A detailed list of papers for download can be viewed at the link There is everything here, from consent to the questionnaire.

Consultations on visa issues

Consultation via China Visa Application Center in Moscow can be obtained in several ways:

  • directly at the CC itself by appointment;
  • by calling the hotline;
  • by email address.

In the CC itself, this service can be provided for a fee in the form of support from a CC consultant. The cost of such a service is 2500 rubles per person. The service is called “Personal Assistant”.

Paper submission process

You can submit documents both offline, in the office, and remotely. In order to submit an application in this way, you again need to fill out the personal data remotely through the CC. Then the entire package of papers will need to be printed and presented at the service center. To find out exactly how it works, just call 84951390165.

But if before this a citizen has already signed up for a service center, then in the future the registration should not be canceled, since its relevance remains. However, there are restrictions here too - diplomats, citizens with service visas, and courtesy visas apply to the consulate.

Step-by-step guide: from filling out the application to receiving your visa

Contact Visa Center consists of several stages:

  1. Filling out consent to data processing. You can download it from the link /wwwroot/MOW2_RU/upload/file/20240131/Consent_ud2YBo.pdf.
  2. Entering data into the form. The finished form will also need to be printed and certified with your signature.


Additionally, photographs are attached to the application form.

  1. Collection of documents. Pay attention to your passport - it must be valid for at least another six months, and it must have free pages for inserting a visa. It is allowed to submit both originals and copies, but in the latter case, a CC employee may require the originals to be provided.
  2. Documents receiving. If the VC refuses to issue a visa, then it will not return the package of documents. Only the passport is returned.

Application processing times

Everything will depend on the purpose of the trip, the types of documents, and also on how urgently the announced list of documents will need to be completed. For example, when it comes to a short-term option, it is considered for only 5 days.

But when a document is needed quickly, it will take no more than two days. True, you will have to pay for this. Finally, the fastest and most expensive option is a day.

Specifics of applying for different types of visas

For those students who wish to study in the Celestial Empire, another version of the visa document is provided. To apply for a visa to China, you will also need to collect the package of documents listed above, and you will also need confirmation from the Chinese side that the applicant is accepted into the educational institution.

If a student wishes to study for at least six months, he will also need to obtain health insurance. But its registration will be required even in cases where the training will not last long, since in China it is very expensive for foreigners to receive treatment.

To apply for a type F visa to China, you will also need the package of papers described above, as well as the following list:

  • documents that confirm that the trip is made specifically for business purposes;
  • invitation letter from entrepreneurs from China;
  • ID card in the form of a copy on the part of the receiving persons.

And for a work visa you will need an invitation letter from the employer. The peculiarity of this visa is that only a package of documents will not be enough - you will also need a medical commission. But the specific conditions for it are not clear - everything will depend on the employer.

What about the questionnaire?

To apply for a visa to China through the Chinese consulate, you will also need to fill out an application, and this can be done through the official portal The preferred languages ​​for the survey are English and Chinese; Russian is not accepted here. After filling out the form, the citizen will be assigned a number that will allow him to contact the consulate in the future. There is no need to fill out the first part of the survey - everything is done automatically. But the second part will require uploading a photo, entering your data, as well as information that is in the foreign passport.

The number that belongs to the client of the Consulate is located at the top of the application form. Next you will need to indicate your location. But be careful, as this data cannot be changed in the future.

The third section is responsible for the purpose of the trip. Here you can indicate whether you would like to receive the paper regularly or urgently. And here you will also need to note how long you are going to stay in the Middle Kingdom.

In the fourth section, you will need to note where you have worked recently. Further information about education is indicated. The sixth section is responsible for relatives - here you will need to describe information about your parents and children.

Also in the questionnaire you will need to indicate whether the foreigner has ever been to China and whether he still has valid Chinese visas. The citizen will also have to indicate which countries he has visited over the past twelve months.

Finally, the last section includes information about various offenses that, ideally, a citizen should not have. Here you will need to indicate whether the citizen has any dangerous diseases that pose a threat to others. And if a person participates in charity or social events, then this information will need to be indicated here, in this section. Finally, the Chinese are also interested in whether a citizen served in the army.

The official website of the China CC in Moscow provides all the necessary information on how to obtain the required document. All you need to do is select your visa type and read the information. It is most convenient to apply for a visa for the first time at the visa center, because here, if the need arises, you can use the services of a personal assistant.

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