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Vladimir S. Seregin - born to fly.

Vladimir S. Seregin - born to fly.


Prominent Soviet pilot Vladimir S. Seregin born July 7 1922, in Moscow. After high school, he ten-year in September 1940 years voluntarily enter into the Soviet Army and begins to study in the Tambov Military Aviation School of pilots.

With 1943 years Komsomolets Seregin at the front. He bravely fought the invaders to attack aircraft glorified NL-2. 170 successful sorties, dogfighting 19, 3 downed aircraft, destroyed a lot of ground vehicles and live vultures enemy appears on his battle account. Between sorties to attack the Nazis in 1945, the Communists took in. S. Seregina into their ranks.

For exemplary performance of combat missions on the front of the struggle against the Nazi invaders and for displaying courage and heroism lieutenant Vladimir Sergeyevich Seregin in 1945 year was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

After the war, a front-line pilot sits down at the Party. He graduated from the Air Force Engineering of the Order of Lenin, the Red Banner Academy named after Professor N. Ye. Zhukovsky and began working as a test pilot. He devoted almost ten years to this difficult and complex business. In 8, V. S. Seregin was awarded the title of First Class Test Pilot.

Recently, V.S.Seregin commanded an aviation unit. He was one of the pioneers of zero gravity fighter aircraft, a skillful commander-educator. His flight experience was used by the Soviet cosmonauts.

March 27 1968 year when the co-pilot of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin during a training flight on the plane, engineer-colonel Seregin died tragically.

Vladimir Sergeyevich was a tireless worker. All his knowledge and experience, all the heat of his soul, he generously gave the beloved, he was a skilled mentor winged youth. Interests of the case, the interests of the people, he always put above all. An active member of the party, a modest man, a demanding and caring leader, a good family man, he will always be a model of integrity, discipline, and flawless performance of official duty of the party.


Hero of the Soviet Union cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova (left) and Hero of the Soviet Union colonel Vladimir Seregin (right) returned from a training flight.


Vladimir Sergeevich Seregin devoted almost twenty-eight years to the sky, serving in the Air Force. And all the time - he flew. They say about these: he was born to fly. And he was just that: a real pilot, a worthy son of the valiant Armed Forces of our country.

When war flared, Komsomolets Vladimir Seregin voluntarily joined the ranks of fighters winged building. He prepared himself for the defense of the socialist fatherland, to the fierce battle with the enemy.

In front of the pilot Seregin attack came at the end of the forty-third tipping. His father, a former employee of the Moscow post office, already passed by the time the hundreds of kilometers of arduous roads of war. "You beat this evil in the air, and I, my son, do not give them plaguing the earth ..." - he wrote his first-born. Vladimir honorably fulfilling the mandate of his father, the mandate of the motherland.

 Here are a few episodes, which he briefly told about twenty years later.

"I Conducted as part of a pair of sixes. Stormed the column on the march. When approaching the target - anti-aircraft guns, fighter Nazis - a living hell. Oerlikon holed wing. Something crunched under the fuselage. But the car listening to the steering wheel. Motor pulled.

Over to divide into pairs. Hit bombs on motor vehicles - burn. Another approach. From eresov tanker broke. But the Nazis did not doze. See "Focke-Wulf" attacks "IL." Dovernul, he fired a volley of guns. A friend saved Hitler and the plane disintegrated in the air. "

“I led groups to a squadron forty times. Was a "hunter", flew on exploration. What is the most memorable flight? Perhaps one of the Balaton. Stormed the concentration of troops and equipment. Successfully. Sam saw several fires. And on the return route IAM got tight. I had to fight at low level with six fighters. All my "IL" riddled. But we shot down two "Focke-Wulf". To sit down, however, had one "leg", but nothing - there were. "

He did not like to talk about their flights at the front, and rarely spoke about the work in testing of new aircraft. Such is his nature was, by nature a humble man.

Stingy in his appraisal. But behind them - a life full of risk, intense creative work. In fact, after the end of the Engineering Academy, he became a test pilot. Get at least this line: "Able to perform in the air tests of any complexity." Behind it - many years of hard work. Vladimir Sergeyevich showed himself an experienced pilot and competent engineer. It was in his time was requested for the first time in the Air Force to lift into the air one of the newest supersonic aircraft.

The flight went down in history as an aircraft test example of courage and self-control, lightning-fast reaction of the pilot. Two minutes after take-off - the first flight of a new car! - He has managed to find the only solution to prevent an accident.

Few pilots, raising from the ground now modern fighter-bomber, know that one of the first who carried out such flights was Vladimir Sergeevich Seregin. He, the former attack aircraft, as anyone else would know what it means to take off in all conditions with all platforms.

Engineer Colonel Seregin skillfully taught their young to fly military friends. His exceptional talent as a teacher, a constant craving for new, perfect flying skills led him to a part where the conduct flight training on the aircraft first space explorers.

Vladimir Sergeyevich always put the interests of business above all. With his characteristic energy, he took up the development of weightless flight on a fighter. I taught this complex type of flight training their subordinates first, and Mr. Flood cosmonauts USSR.


That's what tells Seregina one of his students, Alexander Ustenko:

"Vladimir Sergeyevich was a pilot Topper. Once he got to the supersonic fighter in extremely difficult conditions: a powerful charge of snow blocked the way to the airfield. Rich experience, composure and skill helped out our captain. He landed on its airfield almost continuous snowfall. "

And now a word - the Hero of the Soviet Union, Soviet cosmonaut Colonel Bykovskiy:

"Flying with Vladimir Sergeyevich for each of us, the astronauts were joy, delight. Even before the start of the "East 5» he introduced me to weightlessness, helped in some way to experience what had experience in orbit.

The warmth, cordiality, Vladimir Sergeyevich organically combined with high standards. He was and will remain for us an example in all things.

He was born to fly, flew lived. The sky grew up and matured his disciples. New fighters winged building ready for the first call of the party district people climb into the sky n space. Relay is in good hands. Heroes do not die. They live in deeds and accomplishments of their students and military friends.

On the eve of anniversary of the Great Victory 70, parses the document in one of the schools in our area and found the story of WWII veterans who claim that flying shooter radio operator at Sergeyev. the name of this veteran Sevryugin Zhukovsky. Check out the premium sheets, they have served in the same regiment 672 assault. I wonder is it true? Maybe someone knows that or tell me where to look.


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