Military rockets pictures: photo, video
Military rockets pictures: photo, video

Military rockets pictures: photo, video

Ballistic missiles are one of the most reliable weapons that ensure Russia's national security. If necessary, this shield can turn into a sword.


Now rocket weapons - one of the most promising and important military means of the army. Its development goes in two directions: quantitative growth and qualitative improvement. It constantly enters the armament of the air defense forces and the air force.


The creation of modern military missiles by humanity did not come immediately. It took years of effort in various fields of science and technology, which enabled us to move from timid development steps to the grandiose achievements that we are witnessing.


Photos of military rockets 


Rocket X-101


Strategic cruise missile of the last generation. The X-101 is a modern air-based cruise missile, the creation of which began in the 80-ies of the 19 century. It differs in subsonic speed, flight range to 500 km, the form that allows it to hide from radar. Information about this rocket is still classified, but it is known that for targeting and navigation of X-101 it uses the Sprut system with a flight path correction system and data from the GLONASS satellite system. To improve the accuracy at the final stage of the flight accuracy, a television guidance system is used. There is one more missile: X-102, it differs from X-101 only in the warhead. On the X-102 rocket, a nuclear warhead is installed, with an approximate power of 250 kilotons.

Photo 1

From the moment the main geopolitical players — the United States and the USSR — had unmanned vehicles designed to deliver nuclear ammunition, a new stage of the arms race began. Each country is distinguished by such technical means that would allow it to strike with impunity. This task is effectively handled by the Satan rocket developed in the USSR, which is still in service today. The Soviet strategic missile system "Satan" was called the Americans. But its correct name is different - P-36M. This name was not easy to earn. He personifies the universal evil and inspires horror. You will understand why the Americans called the strategic rocket “Satan” when you familiarize yourself with its characteristics. Strategic missile "Satan" to heavy, its weight exceeds 200 tons. But thanks to this, it can deliver impressive weight - 7,3 tons. The “Satan” rocket was made of such dimensions because, in addition to the main hub, in its fighting compartment, there are distracting targets that were used to mislead the POR forces of a potential enemy.

Photo 2

Two X-101 Rocket successfully opposes a new Russian-made Topol-M rocket. Behind this simplified scheme lies a more complex picture. Rocket "Topol-M" - a three-stage, solid fuel. Its maximum range is 11 thousand. Km. It carries a 1 thermonuclear combat unit, having a power of 550 kg.


The rocket is based both on standard and mobile launchers. It is capable of launching from different points of the position area and will have improved means of masking, both against optical and other reconnaissance means.

Photo 3

Yars rocket


Unlike the Topol-M missile, it has multiple combat units. Her first release took place in 2007. In addition to warheads, Yars also carries a complex of air defense breakthroughs, as a result of which the enemy is harder to detect and intercept. This innovation makes the PC-24 the most successful combat missile in the context of deploying a US-made global missile defense system. This is an improvement of the Topol-M missile complex. Its characteristics are classified.

Photo 4

Bottom missile systems


The latest military developments of the Russian Federation are present in this direction. There are also innovative implementations here. Back in 2013, such weapons were carried out in the White Sea. It was a Skiff ballistic missile capable of firing at the right moment on the sea or ocean floor, as well as hitting a sea and land object. It uses the thickness of the ocean as the original mine installation. Due to the location of these systems at the bottom of the water element, it acquires a certain invulnerability.

Photo 5

P-100 "Mosquito"


This is the real star of 80-90's. Americans call it "Sunburn." To date, there were 2 modifications for the fleet. Mosquito, having a range of 100 kilometers, and Mosquito-M with a range of up to 120 kilometers. At one time, such a rocket was a real breakthrough. What are its advantages? First of all, low flight altitude. Officially, the claimed range is 7-20 meters. In addition, supersonic flight speed is 2,5 M. It should be noted that it is capable of anti-aircraft maneuver.

Photo 6

P-700 "Granite"


No wonder the Americans called this rocket "Shipwreck". In transl. from English "shipwreck." Such a rocket was designed to destroy a specific target - an aircraft carrier.


When developing the complex, an approach was used for the first time, the main task of which is the mutual coordination of three sets: target designators, a cruise missile and a carrier. The complex has acquired the ability to solve the complex tasks of a sea battle with a dressing of fire equipment of one carrier


When a volley (group launch of rockets), missiles, having discovered their enemy’s homing heads, exchange information, identify and distribute air targets according to their mutual position, size and other indicators. So, our strategies got an effective weapon. Flight range - 600 km, speed 2,5 M, the concept of "smart flock", high immunity is an integral part of combat success. Also do not forget that the heavy weight and high speed of the complex’s missiles make them not so vulnerable to the enemy’s anti-aircraft missiles.

Photo 8



No one will provide reliable information on this scheme. But, based on data from open sources, one can come to certain conclusions.


Caliber-NK is a universal complex of cruise missiles. Moreover, its versatility is that the ship can be missiles of different classes.

  • The ship-to-ship missile 3М-54 is a supersonic weapon with a target range of up to 300 kilometers (the weight of a warhead is up to 200 kilograms).
  • The ship-to-surface missile 3М-14 is a subsonic missile with a target range 1500-2500 kilometers (the weight of the warhead is up to 450 kilograms).
  • Rocket-torpedo "ship-submarine" 91Р - supersonic weapon with a target range of up to 50 kilometers (warhead weight up to 200 kilogram).

This complex uses many achievements and advantages associated with the complex "Granat", "Yakhont" and "Granit".