Vologda Aviation Enterprise (Vologda Air Enterprise)
Vologda Aviation Enterprise

Vologda Aviation Enterprise (Vologda Air Enterprise). Official site.

Vologda Aviation Enterprise was founded in 1928 year, and is one of the oldest in the Russian Federation.

A brief history of the development

1 September 1931, the line was opened Moscow - Arkhangelsk via Yaroslavl and Volgograd. With 34-year three units of W-2 steel based in Cherepovets. They flew in Vashka, Belozersk, Kirilov and Shola. For planting using local lake. With 1937 years airfield "Priluki" in service units put the aircraft on-2. Before the Second World War in the division, there were units Yak 25-6, C-1, On-2.

After WWII in 48-year in the division, there were planes for 20-2. In 53-m operation entered AN-2, 55-in m - Yak-12, 58-in m - Mi-1.
In the period from 1952 to 1963, the squadron was called the “71 th combined squadron of the Civil Air Fleet”. Further, right up to 1991, the squadron bore the name "Volgograd United squadron". And in the 91-th squad renamed the "Volgograd airline".

In March 2000 at Sheremetyevo airport plane crashed aircraft Yak-40D. The crew and all the passengers were killed. On July 1 2012, the flights were stopped by airport Vytegra, Volgograd and Comenius Township. The reason was the low ridership and unprofitable operations. Flights to Moscow were also in demand. The loss in the year was more than 60 million. For the period, the airline personnel 2012 300 was a man.

From 2012, the airline re-qualified and began to carry out transportation by helicopter. The main partners were oil and gas companies, the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Thus, the reorganization measures carried out allowed Volgograd Airlines to remain profitable and in demand.

In 2014, regular flights were resumed. From 1 June, the company's aircraft began flying X-NUMX from Volgograd to Moscow once a week. Aircraft operated - Yak-3.

Today, the organization is one of the largest regional aviation enterprises, whose main objectives are to provide air transportation, as well as to provide air transport for various purposes - forestry patrols, monitoring of the state of oil and gas pipelines, search and rescue operations, provision of air vehicles for sanitary and medical purposes, and the provision of services for the implementation of charter flights.

Despite the relatively small fleet of air vehicles - in total, there are 2014 units at the beginning of 11, the Vologda aviation enterprise successfully conducts its work in this field, carrying out among other things also the maintenance of helicopters and airplanes.

Basic data:

  • The country of the airline is Russia;

  • Helicopter engaged in passenger transport and aerial works in north-west Russia.

  • ICAO airline code: VGV;

  • Domestic airline code: VG;

Vologda Aviation Enterprise offitsialny site:


Vologda Aviation Enterprise (Vologda Air Enterprise). Official site.

Contact details:

  • The mailing address of the airline: Airport, Vologda, Russia, 160015;

  • City Airline Phone: + 78172553643;

  • Airline Fax: + 78172553686;

  • E-mail Airlines: avia@vologda.ru;

  • Base airport is Vologda airport.

  • The airline's fleet are helicopters E-8.

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Dear representatives of the administration / management staff of JSC "Vologda Aviation Enterprise", I appeal to you with a huge request! Please arrange the work of your representatives at Vnukovo Airport. Please provide the possibility of online registration for passengers who bought air tickets from your airline. I ran into the "most unpleasant" situation for the first time. Neglect of passengers by the organizers is absolute. I arrived at the airport by the time registration is over. It is clear that she was late! But landing on the plane has not yet begun! The girl at the front desk tried to help me by contacting your representative. But unfortunately he / she did not even bother to come up and in any way solve the problem, or suggest any possible options. Moreover, I had a ticket bought back, I made a refund, but refused to return money, although the flight was supposed to be in 2 days. Organize the work so that the person who pays you money for providing quality service and hopes to get it in the first place. I never write reviews, this is the first and, I hope, the only time. I did not fly to an important meeting because of this egregious event. I use the services of different airlines every week, but, unfortunately, I faced it for the first time!

not Volgograd, Vologda and not Comenius town and Kichmengskii

Plane old, even I do not understand the art will appreciate that it riveted of many small pieces. This rare book I ever met, yet passes. To tell the truth, afraid of flying and was terribly grateful to the pilots, who were not only able to bring, but also to put this complex machine.

Lika, Yak-40 is a very reliable machine

If I had not previously flown on this plane and did not know that he released back in 90-e never thought. Passengers are offered a choice of several magazines, food is very good. Step between the seats an impressive, so you feel very comfortable.

Tickets to some of the city is very expensive, thus, the planes are old enough, often left over from the time of the Soviet Union. The sound quality of the headphones disgusting, so you have to spend the entire flight from the window.

The company is good. Flew in the past year, all the airplanes were new, neat, and in this they were completely ditched. It is not clear how such a short time could be so ditch the aircraft.

I used the services of the Vologda Aviation Enterprise three times. First of all, because flying is much more convenient than choking and shaking in our trains. The cost of tickets is quite justified, given that the load of passengers is insignificant. But old YAK-40 aircraft do not inspire confidence. Service at the airport at the highest level. Everything is cultural, without the hassle and insults that can be found in modern Moscow airports. Service on the plane is good. Lovely flight attendants serve mineral water, a cafe, tea with biscuits - nothing else is needed, it's only an hour to fly. Feel the rich experience of the pilots. It's a pity that the small aircraft at the moment is in the best position. I want to hope that we are still waiting for a change for the better! Take care of the personnel and your planes!

Do not be afraid of those aircraft. Yak-40 is the most reliable and secure, so even if there is a failure of some systems, this will not lead to fatal consequences. That's our job Soviet engineers

He flew for the second time, "Volgograd air now." I really like the staff and crew. The food is delicious in flight. Offers a variety of beverages, blankets and magazines with newspapers. Stewardesses cute and sociable. Pilot master of his craft. Well-off and landing was soft and calm. Many thanks to the crew and "Volgograd aviation enterprises."

I like the Vologda Aviation Enterprise (Vologda Air Enterprise). I flew a couple of times, but it is really like this airline. The staff is always smiling and experienced. Very beautiful planes inside that outside. Very good pilot. Always soft takeoff and landing. For a short trip, a good choice of food. All the same, fly Vologda aviation enterprise, better than to go to the downtrodden bus. Thank you for such a good attitude to the passengers.