Armed with kids: the war of the future
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Armed with kids: our close future

Armed with kids


In recent years, drones firmly taken its niche among other techniques. And as it always happens in the first place certainly among the military equipment.

In recent years 15, UAVs actively participated in almost all military conflicts. And not only as scouts and coordinators. Increasingly, drones were used as a shock force, with pinpoint strikes on important targets. Including in counterterrorism operations. Although the term "surgical strike" is not entirely correct.

For example, the experience of using the MQ-1 Predator strike UAVs by the Americans with AGM-114 Hellfire missiles (weight 48 kg.), And its heavier counterpart MQ-9 Reaper (its weight is already about 5 tons), with 4 Hellfires and two GBU-12 bombs ( weight 226 kg.) showed that their strikes can be called “point” rather conditionally.

Chasing militants "Al Qaeda" and "Taliban", being controlled by operators located far away from places of hostilities, these UAVs applied such "precise" blows that killed the local population, destroyed civilian homes. Falls under attack and its own military.

Probable deviation bomb GBU-12 16 meters is already! Americans are losing by such precision cynically called "collateral damage."



Considering all these factors, as well as the most important factor, and that the cost of these drones is over a few million dollars, the recent increased interest in light, small and ultra-low drones.

That's just turned out that military equipment for the little ones and there is no such class. As a matter of urgency, the MIC large corporations around the world, started the development of small and micro munitions that are now being tested. For service is no such munition is not accepted, but active development and testing them, suggest that we will have, if not a revolution, then certainly a revolution in aviation ordnance accurately.

Lightweight UAV, more mobile, inexpensive, do not require a prepared runway, easily transported and deployed. They have a lower visual and radar visibility. They are easier to manage from a place of fighting, and not from the US or Europe. They afford a solution of tactical problems on the ground. And if they will do but powerful high-precision weapons, they will become an indispensable tool in carrying out anti-terrorist operations.

They will be able to blow up an individual vehicle without even damaging the adjacent vehicles in the convoy. Or destroy one building in a city block, a separate bunker or hangar. It will really be a personal "sword of Damocles" hanging over everyone who has a mobile phone in his pocket. After all, a light ammunition strike from a UAV will be aimed at its radiation. The leaders of states and organizations objectionable to anyone will no longer be protected from the air.

MQ-1 Predator

MQ-1 Predator

After light UAV launched somewhere in the country with a catapult to a truck, a very difficult, almost elusive target for the air defense systems of almost all countries of the world.

And imagine the "swarm" or "flock" robots on unmanned platforms light ... And it is not fiction. They are united in a network, self-organized structures, and can be a smart minefield. Or, for example, a bunch of free hunters with clear, specific task. They will be able to explore and solve the problems of the REB. The objectives of such a downed robot instantly and automatically redistributed among the remaining members of the "swarm".

You have not scared?

"Roy" can solve problems not only in the group. Each member of the pack could apply individual strokes, or in a team on a single target, inflicting precision strikes from almost all sides.

And here is the weapon for flocks:

  • The company Ratheon developing a series STM Small Tactical Munition (small tactical ammunition).

STM Small Tactical Munition

STM Small Tactical Munition

  • Pyros. The bomb weighing ok.6 kg. Length 55sm (!) Separation of fragments weighing 2,3 kg warhead is limited, in order to avoid non-target losses.


  • Easy guided bombs Scorpion having a rocket engine.

- Weight-15,8 kg.

- CU-8 kg.

- Length- 54sm.

- Size-100 mm.

- Range in the planning on its wing to 18,5 km.

- Precision bombs 1 (!) M.

  • And that's just the beginning. Cheapest missile in the world (5t.doll.) Rocket Spike. 2,4 kg weight and size of a coffee can, 63sm length, it can be suspended under the UAV even mikroklassa. Equipped with ultra-high resolution video camera missile can hit any target in motion or stationary at a distance 3,2 km.

Spike missile

Spike missile

Information on E-bombs is very scarce. But it is clear that the bomb midget outstanding powerful electromagnetic pulse can now be mounted on any light drones. The explosion - and all the electronics in the district fails.

And of course it does not all for the development of mini and mikrodrony.

And the ultra-light drones are designed for hanging on light UAVs. In such a bunch of little drone will serve as the brains of the munition.

Armed UAVs light is our near future, and it looks like soon it will be necessary to advise passers-by and children are not looking at his feet, and the sky is inspected for their safety.


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