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Air Fleet of Russia. Start

 Air Fleet of Russia. Start



"Russian air fleet must be

stronger air forces of our neighbors.

It should be remembered everyone

who cherish the military might of our homeland "

Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich,

"To the Russian people", "Heavier than air" magazine, of 1912, №6


Judging by the way the developing Russian military aircraft, if the country's leadership and does not remember the Grand Duke lines Aleksandr Mikhailovich Romanova word for word, then, in any case, guided by the same ideas.

Yes, sometimes it is a pity that now the aircraft is not one, as it was in its early days of development. It was just aircraft, planes, airplanes, flying club. The state, represented by its then leadership pays attention to aviation in general, the development of the Russian Air Force as a whole. It was a good time, a time of general enthusiasm and the euphoria of the first successes of the new mode of transport.


Do you remember how it all began?

Interesting and instructive in these times, the very history of the Russian Air Force. It all started from a distance.

27 January (February 9) 1904 year war between the two empires - the Russian and the Japanese. We can say that from that moment began the most attention to the Russian army with the latest military hardware. Prior to this not too successful for the Russian war, few experts recognized the need for a strong navy. The majority of the fleet in the society considered an expensive and unnecessary luxury (agree, an analogy with modern attitude to small aircraft in Russia).

But shots rang out in Port Arthur and Chemulpo death 1 rank cruiser "Varyag" and gunboat "Korean", stirred up the Russian public of all segments of the population. The bitterness of defeat, raised a wave of patriotism.

Air Fleet of Russia. Nachalo1


Late in the evening in February, at the door of the St. Petersburg journalist and publisher of the popular newspaper "New time" Suvorin Alexander Sergeyevich, There was a ring at the bell. Prince came the messenger Lev Mikhailovich Kochubey... The purpose of his visit was somewhat unexpected for Suvorin and his household. The Prince's messenger delivered the package. It contained 10 thousand rubles in banknotes and a letter from the prince to the publisher. 000 rubles at that time was an incredibly huge amount! And here is the text of the prince's letter: -

 "Dear Sir, Alexander! You do not acknowledge it be possible to open in your esteemed newspaper subscription to the collection of funds for the purchase of warships to replace those that will inevitably drop out of the system during military operations at sea.

To start such a useful case send you ten thousand rubles.

Accept the assurance of complete respect.

St. Petersburg, February 1 1904, the

Prince Lev Kochubey. "

You can imagine the surprise of Alexander Suvorin? One of the oldest and richest princely families of Russia, donated a huge sum for the construction of warships and requested to organize well-known and popular all-Russia newspaper subscriptions for the collection of additional funding!

Precedents such an action was not yet! To convince the whole country, not only the need of the modern navy, but also donations for this purpose. It looked almost impossible thing!

But Suvorin was not only a publisher and bookseller, it is, above all, was a patriot, and he took up the organization of the All-Russian action. Of course, charity and donations were up to that point, but not on such a scale. It was not about boots or rifles soldiers, but of complex and costly fabrication of combat ships.

The next day, in the morning room, in an article about the captain "Varyag" Vsevolod Rudnev and gunboat "Korean" was made Box, which was published in full a letter of Prince Kochubey, and handling edition to the Russians to support the old princely family initiative It is known to all since the time of the battle of Poltava.

This article in the newspaper "Novoye Vremya" and the feat of the cruiser and gunboat literally shook and shook the whole of Russia. Throughout the cities and towns of the empire, the news of fundraising spread. Money poured into the editorial office from all corners of our vast Motherland. And the result, as they say, surpassed all the wildest expectations! They donated, who, as much as they could, to whom, as much as they could. His Highness the Emir of Bukhara donated 1.000.000 rubles, Count S.V. Orlov-Denisov contributed 400 in securities, Count A.D. Sheremetev - 000.

Air Fleet of Russia. Nachalo2


Was created "Special Committee to enhance the fleet"On account of which has been transferred over to 1909 years 16 million rubles! The amount has been absolutely fantastic! Given that the most expensive kilo of fresh meat, in the St. Petersburg store expensive cost 20-30 cents!


Creator of Air Fleet

But beyond the fun begins! The work of a specially created "Special Committee for the strengthening of the fleet on donations," headed by the uncle of the reigning Emperor Nicholas IIHis Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich Romanov. A person with remarkable analytical mind and gets the brilliant engineering and naval education. The man who could look into the future.

On the collected money in the short term 19 the most advanced at that time, destroyers and submarines 4 contemporary projects have been built. By the way it should be noted that for every penny Committee reported in detail and specify the accounting report on 170 pages. And the "Special Committee ..." did not use the excuses that are nowadays very popular, such as the military or commercial secrets.

But the money donated to build a modern navy was so much that at the disposal of the committee was still 2 million. Rubles. Here he writes himself Grand Prince of how he decided to dispose of the remaining funds.

"One morning, looking at the newspaper, I saw the headlines, reports the success Bleriot flight over the English Channel .... Being a fan of heavier-than-air again, I realized that achieving Bleriot gave us not only a new way to travel, but also a new weapon in the event of war.

I decided to immediately take up the matter and try to use airplanes to Russian military aircraft. I still had two million rubles that were once collected by the nationwide subscription for the construction of the mine cruisers after the destruction of our fleet in the Russian-Japanese war.

I requested the largest Russian edition of newspapers, not whether donors have anything against the fact that the remaining money would be spent not to build the mine cruisers, and for the purchase of airplanes? A week later, I started to get thousands of responses containing the unanimous approval of my plan. Sovereign also approved its " (Emphasis mine).

Veale. Bk. Alexander, "The book of memories."

Emperor Nicholas II, who thus responded to the appeal of Prince Romanov:

February 6-th (19 February to the new style) 1910, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Nicholas II it pleased most graciously deign:

«1) remains at the disposal Highest approved by the Special Committee on the strengthening of the navy on voluntary donations in the amount of cash rubles 900000, and well and able to do in the future to the cashier to pay the Committee's donations to build the fleet of Russia;

2) Enable Highest instituted a special committee to strengthen the navy on voluntary donations to continue for this widespread collection of donations and

3) fleet, owned by the Committee to be erected on voluntary donations, and to leave the responsibility of the Committee, and in case of the outbreak of hostilities, to pass it with a prepared team of marine and military authorities to strengthen the military forces of the Empire. "

The highest pleasure was signed personally by the Emperor, with a blue pencil.

But even after the highest resolution of the Emperor, Grand Duke found it necessary to apply through the same newspaper New Times "to all donors. Here is what he wrote on this subject:


"... Considering thus necessary to know the opinion of the donors in this matter, I ask everyone to donate to strengthen the fleet - army and marine units, institutions, society, nobility meeting Zemstvo, urban management and individuals make in two weeks, the letters in my name in Petersburg - recognize whether the respective needs of our country to use currently available to the Committee to establish the amount of Russian air fleet. "

( "Book of Memories")


On the basis of virtually a national referendum, a general meeting of the "Special Committee ..." at its meeting on January 30 1910 was prepared and approved for the Emperor draft royal permission for the establishment of the Military Air Fleet of Russia, which was signed by Nicholas II of, the All-Russian Autocrat 6 February (19 February and modern style) 1910 years.

His letters from the 25 1910 February, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Stolypin informed "of the Highest will" Marine Minister Admiral SA and the Provincial Minister of War cavalry general VA Sukhomlinov.

The amount left at the disposal of the "Special Committee ..." was quite enough for training Russian aviators, training aircraft mechanics abroad, for building the first flight schools in Gatchina and Sevastopol and equipping them with everything necessary, and for purchasing military and training airplanes.

Was created Department of the Air Force (PC), Chaired by the Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich was unanimously elected, and his deputy, General of Cavalry Baron AV Kaulbars.

Air Fleet of Russia. Nachalo3


In the autumn of the year 1910 was fully completed equipment Gatchina Aviation School. In September of the same year came the first officers and lower ranks have completed training in France. To demonstrate his flying skills with 2 September 29 and the number of the All-Russian festival of aeronautics Russian pilots conducted demonstration flights.

25 October pilot instructor GG Gorshkov I began to study the first officer-pilots PC airmanship. And the demonstration and training flights were carried out on already arrived 11 foreign airplanes.

November 11 1910 has started its work Sevastopol School of military pilots PC.

On September 9 1911, the Russian fleet WFR recite aircraft already 24, 5 of them were built in Russia. 4 of them were built in the aircraft factory "First Russian Associations of Aeronautics" and one in Russian-Baltic wagon factory (Rbvz).

Thus was born a unique in-kind Air Fleet of the Russian Empire. It is unique in that was born in the full consent of the government and society, and on donations of all the people.


And at this time ... The First Russian

29 (16) in January 1908 year (ie 109 years ago) was established Russian Flying Club. This was preceded by an article collegiate assessor Basil Korn illustrated in the famous St. Petersburg magazine "Balloonist". In it, he called to create a Russian organization that promotes sports among the country's ideas ballooning population.

12 May 1909, the Board VA-K (such a reduction has been called the All-Russia aeroclub) received notification of the decision-highest permission of the Club under the patronage of Emperor Nicholas II. Since then, the club received the name Imperial Russian Air Club (Iwaki).

Air Fleet of Russia. Nachalo4


To develop the charter Aero Club chose a commission included in its composition: Chairman - VV Korn, The Secretary - OsosovMembers - Koopenburg, Kiparsky, Rynin, Nagel, Yanshin, Earl Stenbock-Fermor (A member of the State Duma) BA SuvorinColonel SemkovskyLieutenant Colonel Odintsov, Staff-captains Shabo, Garut, Feldbergcaptains Hermann и Kostovich.

But what is more interesting in our time, this is not the way called Aero Club, who are not supervised and led him, and those who served on the Board, and then see what the goals and objectives of its founders Iwaki. Here is what was written in the same "Balloonist" magazine about the problems created by the organization:

"The future of this case is enormous, and it is difficult even to imagine how new ways of movement will affect all aspects of human life, economic, social and public. In much of the point to be changed.

However, in any case, is certain: in order to avoid subjugation, if not direct the military, then certainly, at least, economic and cultural, to maintain their independence and remain a great power, Russia need air fleet. "

It was especially emphasized that the club aims to promote the development of aeronautics in Russia in all its forms and applications, mainly scientific and technical, military and sports.

How relevant these words were written almost 110 years ago, judge for yourself. People, most of them had foreign roots, had foreign names, they, nevertheless, were the real patriots of Russia, radevshimi for its destiny and its future. They are well aware of what opportunities open to people aviation, and what may be the country's not having it.



prepared Valery Smirnov

especially for

To all aviators and sympathizers! 7 January 2017 Rostov Kachintsev Club celebrated the 85 anniversary of the now-prosperous, great pilot Piskunov Vladimir Ivanovich. He is famous for the fact that in the 60-ies he became twice world champion, twice champion of the USSR and the armed forces for airplane sport. Acted on the plane Yak-18p. He deserved these honorary titles, in many respects, thanks to the aerobatics he invented, named ABRACADABR PISKUNOV. When doing it, the plane flies like a cruciform boomerang. Nobody could repeat it to the fullest. It is outrageous that there is an abracadabra on the Internet, but there is no reference to Piskunov. There is a loop of Nesterov, Pugachev's cobra, etc. Remember, the creator of ABRAKADABRA PISKUNOV is alive and celebrating anniversaries!


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