Opportunities for sanctions from the EU for "Dobrolet"
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Opportunities for sanctions from the EU for "Dobrolet"

Opportunities for sanctions from the EU for "Dobrolet"


EU sanctions are not the best way affected the activities of not so long ago appeared on the territory of the Russian Federation of the first loukostera "Dobrolet". Due to cancellation of the lease agreement on aircraft type Boeing 737-800The Russian airline was forced to temporarily suspend its flights in two areas, particularly in Simferopol and Volgograd, but even today the company management thinks all possible options in order as soon as possible to restore the activity of the air carrier as suffering not only the flights shedule, but it passengers who were able to make flights at incredibly low and affordable prices, and almost immediately lost it.



From the point of view of analysts at the carrier, there are several options to get out of a difficult situation.


The use of aircraft of other airlines on the basis of the lease agreement



This option to avoid sanctions from the EU is the most optimal in terms of the speedy return of its activities, however, because they will use non-economy class airplanes instead of mixed ones, the cost of air transportation can seriously increase, and this goes to the expense with the policy of the loukoster, according to Which flights should be as cheap as possible. In addition, renting other air assets, and in particular talking about passenger planes of other Russian airlines, can lead to the fact that due to the resource being developed, reliability of flights can become a doubt, and in addition to the cost of fuel expended for air travel, Which will also inevitably lead to an increase in the cost of air tickets to the company Dobrolot.


The use of other air assets of foreign production


One option for the suspension of sanctions against the European Union for the airline "Dobrolet" could be the use of Chinese passenger aircraft, in particular we can talk about a new airplane COMAC C919, Which has already proved its worth. At its lower cost, the aircraft spends approximately the same amount of fuel compared to the Boeing 737-800, but the liner can carry a slightly smaller number of passengers. Nevertheless, in this version there is one very serious nuisance - the mass production of passenger airliners COMAC C919 is planned only at the end of the current 2014 year, and, therefore, Dobrolot airline will be able to begin flights no earlier than the middle of next year, which is unacceptable for an air carrier . However, it should be noted that if the EU sanctions are extended for a long time, then this is a very attractive option for the Russian airline.



Attention is drawn to the fact that the Russian loukoster may partially change its network, and to fly for short distances to buy Chinese passenger airliners COMAC ARJ21 900With the number of seats, designed for 105 people. However, this option is less attractive due to the fact that every year the demand for air travel increases and airlines "Dobrolet" have to constantly expand its fleet.


Cancelling EU sanctions due to the impact of the measures adopted by Russia


It's already, perhaps it is no secret that the government of the Russian Federation is preparing a response to the hard part of the European Union sanctions, in particular, the measures may affect the largest airlines in Europe, in particular, this applies to the airline "Air France","British Airways" and "Lufthansa". As expected, the response on the part of Russia may impose a ban on the commission of transit flights through the country, and only for the airline «Lufthansa» this may result in loss of billions of dollars in 5.



It is worth noting that the most likely, if the parliamentarians will take such a resolution, the European Union will be forced to cancel the sanctions, thereby returning into service airline "Dobrolet." This scenario is the most promising, and that if he is executed, "Dobrolet" its flights will return in the very near future.


- "Definitely, all the variants of possible developments require careful consideration and it is possible that the leadership of flights shedule will be able to find some other way to rid yourself of EU sanctions, but it should be borne in mind that the adoption of these measures may allow to quickly restore" Dobrolet "to their activities on Russian territory".

Should Russian airlines continue to cooperate with foreign aircraft manufacturers, whose governments use sanctions to put pressure on Russia?

- “The expediency of continuing cooperation with such aircraft building corporations Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier is definitely there, since the imposition of a sanction itself does not depend on the aviation giants. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to treat more carefully the conclusion of any kind of agreements, and to cooperate more with aircraft building corporations of other countries, in particular with the same China, Brazil, etc. "


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