Age pilots. The average age of a civil aviation pilot. Aeroflot.
Age pilots. The average age of a civil aviation pilot. Aeroflot.

Age pilots. The average age of a civil aviation pilot. Aeroflot.


Vitaly, we know that Drivers age pre-retirement: 40-45 years. What is the average age of the pilots of civil aviation Aeroflot?


- We have an average age of pilots little less 40 years. About 38-39. In general, pilots, according to the law, you can fly up to 65 years.


Everyone knows that you have changed the Aircrew "Aeroflot". Specifically, how do you update it?


- I will not say that I updated it. Because in the presence of a deficit in the country, it is very difficult to do this. What is the problem? The pilot of civil aviation under our bylaws must be a person with a higher education. Given the dynamics of the development of the entire industry, we should receive 900-1000 pilots per year. This is for the entire industry as a whole. To date, we have 300-400 pilots. If we continue to pick one's knowledge of English, this should be at least the fourth level. Most graduates do not have this level. Therefore, we begin to select from the one who is. And this is clearly not enough. All this is still imposed by the law. Someone, once "competently" lobbied in the air code amendment, which prohibits us from recruiting non-residents. What does this mean in practice? There are many Russian pilots in Kazakhstan. But we can not invite them. They are non-residents. The same is true of Ukraine, Belarus and Uzbekistan.


We must pay tribute to Vladimir Putin. As part of the campaign, he said that the CIS is necessary to abolish this rule. It was not specifically about the pilots, and the whole of labor, which could come in one or another branch of the Russian Federation. In my opinion, it would be very correct decision. Our pilot in 35 years can fly to Europe or Asia to fly there 10 years and earn money. And then, in his old age to go back and get a pension here, with us. The deficit of the pilots is a problem.


I also recently took the initiative: why in Russia there are no “black lists” of pilots. Firing a pilot from Aeroflot, for a particular offense, he goes to work for another company. And if he has problems with labor discipline? 

General Director of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" Saveliev Vitaly Gennadievich.