Age of aircraft. How to determine the age of the aircraft?
Age of aircraft. How to determine the age of the aircraft?

Age of aircraft. How to determine the age of the aircraft?

Modern airliners are gradually replacing the old passenger aircraft, but this does not mean that the old aircraft do not continue to operate. According to ICAO, in order to ensure proper safety of air travel, airplanes should be no more than 20 years old, however, with a few exceptions, airplanes can be operated for much longer. Hence, for sure, there may be a question about the age of the aircraft, as well as how to determine the age of the aircraft.

Many are trying to determine the age of the aircraft based on the year of the launch of a particular model, but this factor is somewhat erroneous, since most of the aircraft that made their first flight more than 20 years ago are manufactured by aircraft manufacturers to this day. In order to determine the age of airplanes, it is necessary to know the year of release of a certain aircraft, however, this can cause serious difficulties, since it is not always possible to find open information. Today, there are a number of special Internet resources, and an excellent example of this is the Internet portal When you visit this Internet resource, it is enough to choose the airline you are interested in, after which you can find out not only the average age of the fleet of one or another carrier, but also trace the age of each individual aircraft.

Surely many may have a question about why you need to know the age of the aircraft? First, this characteristic seriously affects the safety of flights, and according to statistics, it is worth noting the fact that airplanes with age more than 18 years are much more likely to get into various kinds of air crashes and with them there are much more frequent accidents than with airplanes More young. Secondly, the average age of the aircraft of one or another airline shows the reliability of the air carrier as such, and the constant acquisition by the airline of new aircraft provides a higher rating to this carrier, which speaks about the level of flight safety.

The average age of Russian aircraft carriers is about 11 years, which, in turn, says enough about the effective use of air assets, but it is necessary to clarify that the renewal of the aircraft will lead to the fact that air travel will not only be more comfortable, but also safe.

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