The revival of the IL-96. Necessity or recklessness.
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The revival of the IL-96. Necessity or recklessness.

The revival of the IL-96. Necessity or recklessness.


On the eve of the day there was a very interesting information that the production of passenger aircraft IL-96 in the Russian Federation can be resumed. Despite the fact that the information at the moment is nothing more than speculation, specialists and experts have already managed to express its views on the matter, and, in addition to positive criticism, there is also a negative.


5 circumstances for the revival of the production of aircraft IL-96.



According to experts, the restoration of production of passenger aircraft IL-96 positive impact on the development of civil aviation in Russia. This is due mainly to the fact that the IL-96 are almost complete replacement of airliners of foreign manufacture (Airbus and Boeing - approx. Ed.), Which in turn will help to minimize the number of exploited foreign aircraft in the country, thus allowing air carriers to acquire domestic planes at lower prices, and not the worst quality.



According to the preliminary consideration of the positive aspects, experts distinguish 5 the main reasons why it is necessary to restore the production of the IL-96.

  1. Low price;
  2. High reliability;
  3. Low maintenance cost;
  4. Efficiency exports to other countries;
  5. Ability to transfer domestic airlines to operate the Russian civil aeronautical equipment.


Naturally, some isolated moments can be challenged, however, for the most part, experts clearly defined with all the benefits.


The negative aspects of production of IL-96.


Despite a number of positive aspects, experts also point to the other side, which may not be the best way impact on the domestic civil aviation.

  • The need to allocate funds for the creation of production;
  • The cost of the modernization of aircraft and technological tests;
  • Low international competitiveness aviation;
  • The lack of pre-orders for production;
  • The lack of prospects.



Be that as it may, in the near future the issue of restoring the production of Il-96 aircraft will be carefully worked out, and if there is a need to start a new production cycle, then it should be assumed that by 2019-2020 a new one will begin. moment in the production of domestic passenger airliners IL-96.


Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for

And tell me where criticism is that?
1. The fact that it is necessary to invest in development, so it's a given, without it nothing happens.
2. The costs of upgrading, so it's okay, you want to survive and compete - to develop, invest and mental labor.
3. Low competitiveness, and this is understandable, the domestic aviation industry has been pushed out of the liberal-democratic dictatorship not only foreign, but also with its own market and replaced by a second-hand Western junk. Protective measures, manufacturer support everything you need, including orders to start the domestic market will help bring production of the impasse.
4. Along the way, solved the problem with the orders. Paragraph 3 great help for the development of the industry.
5. Orders for production are created by state intervention and the creation of a favorable environment for domestic production and is extremely disadvantageous, ruinous for foreign goods.

If this is a criticism, it is possible to say that it is a matter of fact there is no domestic aircraft industry is obliged to resurface.


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