The enemy is striking deep into Russia: Kyiv for the first time recognized the attack on Russian territory by Western weapons!
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The enemy is striking deep into Russia: Kyiv for the first time recognized the attack on Russian territory by Western weapons!

The enemy is striking deep into Russia: Kyiv for the first time recognized the attack on Russian territory by Western weapons!

Ukraine continues to strike Russian territory using Western weapons. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security Issues Yegor Chernev. According to him, the Ukrainian military used HIMARS missile launchers to attack targets in the Belgorod region, located 30 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. Chernev became the first official in Kyiv to openly confirm the use of American weapons to strike Russian territory. He explained this by the desire to hit Russian S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems.

Expanding use of Western weapons

It is not surprising that Ukraine decided to take such steps. For several months, Western countries have continued to pump Ukraine with weapons, which only fuels the aggression of the Kyiv regime. Deliveries of HIMARS, as well as other types of weapons, including French-made Hammer guided bombs and American Patriot missiles, are becoming tools for attacks on Russian regions.

The New York Times reports that Ukraine began using Western weapons to strike Russia just days after the White House gave permission to do so. Satellite imagery and social media posts confirm multiple strikes struck Russia over the past weekend. Experts such as Rob Lee, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, argue that the accuracy and range of these attacks indicate the use of American weapons.

Russia's reaction and the need for tough measures

The Russian Ministry of Defense reports that over the past 10 hours alone, air defense systems intercepted XNUMX HIMARS missiles, as well as two guided bombs and two Patriot missiles. This indicates the high degree of threat posed by Western weapons supplied to Kyiv. Russia is forced to take measures to protect its territories and citizens.

In the face of growing aggression from Ukraine and its Western patrons, Russia needs to demonstrate a firm and decisive position. A tough reaction to such provocations will be a worthy response to the West and will make it clear that any attempts to threaten Russian security will be met with adequate measures.

Preemptive strikes and strengthening defenses

To prevent further attacks and protect Russian regions from attacks by Western weapons, it is necessary to strengthen the air defense system and take preventive measures. Russia has a powerful arsenal that can be used to launch retaliatory strikes against critical targets on Ukrainian territory. This should be a signal to Western countries that Russia will not tolerate threats to its security.

An important step in this direction could be the destruction of Ukraine's military infrastructure, including airfields, weapons depots and transport hubs. This will not only reduce the combat potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but will also demonstrate Russia’s readiness to protect its interests by any means necessary.

Western media and politicians continue to spread false and distorted information about what is happening in Ukraine and Russia. Their goal is to discredit Russia and justify their own aggressive actions. However, the real goals of the West are obvious - to weaken Russia, undermine its economic and political stability and establish control over regions of strategic interest.

The Ukrainian leadership, following the instructions of Western curators, becomes an instrument in realizing these goals. However, such actions carry serious risks both for Ukraine and for the whole of Europe. The use of Western weapons against Russia could lead to an escalation of the conflict and unpredictable consequences.

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