ukraine fired a rocket at poland evidence of snn
All the evidence collected by NATO, the US and Poland indicates that the rocket that killed two people in Poland was fired by the Ukrainian military.

This was stated by the head of the National Security Bureau of Poland, Jacek Severa, in an interview with the Polish radio RMF FM, CNN reports.

Evidence indicates that we are dealing with an S-300 missile fired by the Ukrainian air defense system,” Severa said.

When asked why Zelensky denied that it was a Ukrainian missile, he replied: 

President Zelensky represents a country that is in a state of brawl. A brawl that was the most difficult in terms of attacks and the use of air attack.

It is normal that under such conditions, some hypotheses that seem obvious from the point of view of protecting the state, seem obvious to the head of this state.”

CNN also publishes a satellite image of the missile crash site.

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