The truth about cell phones on the plane
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The truth about cell phones on the plane

The truth about cell phones on the plane



            Whole truth about Mobile telefnah the plane. Are mobile phones can lead to the collapse of an airliner? Several researchers decided to test this claim.


            Passenger aircraft are actually forbidden to include mobile phones in flight. Some argue that the phones can lead to faulty electronics board aircraft. Others say that this is just a ploy to get the passengers to use the expensive phones that are installed in the aircraft.


            Wanting to understand this issue, the researchers decided to recreate the cockpit with all the instruments. Then, they could see how mobile phones would affect them. The researchers purchased navigation equipment and communications equipment — anything that could be affected by radio waves. After a day of hard work, they got a working cabin of the aircraft. Their instruments could easily detect the beacon signal of the airport's navigation system in San Francisco.  


            How can mobile phones affect aircraft in general? There are two options.

  1. First, turn off your phone's signal may be a radio signal from a tower or lighthouse.
  2. Secondly, the signal may interfere directly with the electronics of the navigation equipment.

The researchers felt that the interference - it is more probable version. Almost all electronic devices emit radio frequency radiation, whether game console or a DVD-player. To determine which power radio waves emitted by mobile phones, the researchers needed a spectrum analyzer. They are also used in isolation from external influences container, a so-called Faraday cage.


The truth about mobile phones in an aircraft 1


It is entirely made of brass wire and not miss radio. Inside it the researchers measured the radiation from the three items that often take passengers to board the plane. Radio emission from the CD-player, MP3 players and portable game console appeared faint. But as soon as the mobile phone has been activated, the spectrum analyzer recorded a strong jump. There were reasons to believe that the output power of a mobile phone can interfere with aircraft equipment.


            Having enlisted the help of aerospace engineer Jeff Gutau, the researchers tried to simulate the radio link between the airport and the aircraft. They also had a cell phone generator, with which it was possible to try to destroy this connection. Cellular generator can create waves of different strengths. Thanks to him, it was possible to see how strong the signal should be so that it could affect the radio equipment in the cockpit.


"After a long" bombardment "

Equipment no distortion was observed "


            At first, researchers began testing using the GSM 1800 standard wave. Phones with this standard are used by millions of people around the world. However, after a long “bombardment” of the equipment, no distortion was observed. Even when the signal was 100 times the signal strength of the phones, the equipment of the aircraft was operating normally. But when the generator was tuned to the 800-900 MHz frequency, strange things began to happen. The arrow of one instrument, which shows where the aircraft is located relative to the runway, will start to deviate strongly. In fact, according to the experiment, instruments operating at a frequency of 800-900 MHz, could strongly influence the navigation equipment of the aircraft.


mobile in the plane


            It was only an intermediate result of the study, because all the experiments were conducted in laboratory conditions. The researchers decided to go to the airport and turn on the generator of mobile frequencies in this aircraft. For several hours, they exposed the plane to waves of various frequencies. They used both old analog PCS phones and modern smartphones. Many of them operate on the 800-900 MHz frequency. However, nothing happened. None of the phones had an impact on the aircraft’s communication system with the ground. Mobile sabotage failed. The fact is that, unlike the laboratory, all kilometers of wires passing through the aircraft are shielded. Therefore, whatever signal would affect them, this did not affect the operation of the devices.


"Check all for exposure

Interference from mobile phones too expensive.

Nobody wants to take risks, that's all. "


            Why then is there a ban on the use of mobile phones on the plane? It seems that airlines are simply reinsured.


Expert: The aircraft has a huge amount of equipment and systems. Check all to the effect of interference from mobile phones too expensive. Nobody wants to take risks, that's all. This is important, given that the new phones running on different frequencies, appear every month.


            It’s safer for the International Civil Aviation Organization to simply ban the use of telephones on board. After all, there is always one possibility out of a million that interference from the phone will affect the operation of the onboard systems.


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But Boeing says on its website that they carried out in his laboratory tests of mobile phones and it has proved possible impact of mobile phones on aircraft electronics.

A lot of things are also written on the barn. And there only firewood actually lies.


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