French Air Force. France Aviation.
French Air Force. France Aviation.

French Air Force. France Aviation.

Air Force (IAF) France is one of the country's armed services. It was formed in the army in France 1910 year. Air Force participated in WWI and WWII. When 40-year, France was occupied by Germany, the Air Force Air Force Disconnect on the "Free French" and the Air Force "Vichy". The modern shape began to emerge only 1943 years.

French Air Force (Aviation of France)

After the end of WWII began reconstruction of aviation. Britain and the United States have given rent 4-th carrier. They were pretty old and have served more as a reparation from the defeated Germany and Italy. Most of the aircraft based on them. In the early years were US carrier aviation aircraft Vought F4U «Le Corsaire", Grumman F6F «Hellket" and the British Supermarine production "Sifayr."

The first escort carrier prepared by France, was a British "Bayter" in 1945 year. It was renamed "Diksmyud." In 46-year - "Colossus", renamed "Arroomansh." 51-year - "Bois Bello" and "Lafayette." In 1952, France has decided to build two light aircraft carrier of its own - "Clemenceau» (1957) and "Foch» (1960). Create your own fighter was less successful, so even in 54-year issue was arranged licensed British fighter "Sea Venom." They renamed "Aquilon". Manufacturing established under Marcel and engines made at the company "Fiat". Total built 40 copies.

In 1956 year it rose in the air the first carrier-based jet fighter of the French production of "Etendard» IV. Immediately established production. Although the aircraft was not "standard European fighter", but he was able to take its place on aircraft carriers. From the deck the first time he flew in 1958 year. The production model had marked M. Total built 69 copies.

In 1960 year there was a need for reconnaissance plane. They became modification "Etendard» IVP. Between 62-65-th of the year 21 built aircraft. The first combat use was realized in transactions "Sapphire-1» (the crisis in the Horn of Africa). In 82-year in France, Lebanon, the pilots felt a real battle. They were opposed by Syria's air defenses.

In 1991 in Yugoslavia civil war began. NATO troops were involved. Two years later, the French launched Operation "Balbyusar." "Etendard» IVP, at that time even though he was already out of date, yet took an active part in intelligence activities. Total confrontation "Etendard" carried 554 sorties. At the same time planned to make massive replacement of old scout new "Rafa". However, because of the many negative reasons "Etendard» IVP exploited to 2000 years.

The plans of the French commanders in 70-s planned replacement "Etendard» IVM to "Jaguar" M. intervened economic and political nuances. It was decided to create their own fighter-bomber. The basis, of course, served as the "Etendard» IV.

The new aircraft was called the "Super-Estendar". His main task was to conduct active combat operations against surface and coastal objects. For him, specially designed a new enhanced radar, capable of detecting a destroyer at a distance of 111 km. And the main weapon was presented in the form of an anti-ship guided missile AM ​​39 "Exoset". At the end of November 76, the first serial model was released, and in 78-m celebrations on this occasion. It was produced in the period from 1976 to 1983-th year. In January 81, one of the "Super-Estendar" was re-modulated to carry a special ammunition kit AN-52 (power 15 kt). In 1983, the aircraft took part in the Lebanon Operation Oliphant. This operation was successful, however, during the subsequent battles of the Syrian air defense system, 2 aircraft were shot down. Also, the "Super Estendars" took part in the military conflict in Yugoslavia. Every day they carried out 12 sorties.

Known data air machines have become thanks to another conflict. In 70-14 s aircraft "Super Estendar" acquired the Argentine Navy. In 1982 year it began the British-Argentine conflict near the Falkland Islands. 4 May AM.39 missile "Exocet" was sunk URO "Sheffield" - a British destroyer on which the entire air defense command post operative connection. Also, along with the destroyer sunk several nuclear warheads. Another drowned container "Convair Atlantic."

After these events, 5 «Super Estendar" rented Iraq, using them in the Persian Gulf for war with Iran. These planes are still part of the French Air Force. Some are kept. In 2008 was intended to carry out their replacement with new deck "Rafale", but because of the global crisis and the shortage of funds that did not happen.

In 1964 year "Etendard" could intercept subsonic aerial target, so France has bought the US 42-e unit Vought F-8E «Crusader». Although America is still in 70-x he refused to use them in France "Crusader" held out to 1999 years. He was replaced by carrier-based fighter "Rafale". He first landed on a destroyer in 1993 year. And after six years in the Navy were production aircraft of this type. In 2000 year they began to fill the French destroyers. His improved model of the standard F1 entered the air defense troops.

In 2006 years in the Navy received new "Rafa" M standard F2. Today, little more than 30 their units. Location-based - an aircraft carrier "Charles de Gaulle". In the same year 2006-started the development of a fighter "Rafale" B. The new avionics aircraft began to reach the standard F3 and became a multi-role fighter. In March 2007 year "Rafa" M caused an airstrike on militants who represented group "Taliban." In March 11-year committed combat missions in Libyan airfields and air defenses. The operation "harmattan" this year, the French Air Force began to attack ground targets.

France has demonstrated its ability to aircraft construction. And for a long history of flying will always be demand for combat aircraft, serving in the French Air Force.

Aviation France

The main aircraft manufacturers - the company Dassault Aviation. It deals not only with the creation of military aircraft types, but also the regional and business-class. The second largest company Airbus SAS manufactures trucks, military vehicles and passenger vehicles. Headquartered in Toulouse. Number of employees varies 50000 people. All the people are concentrated in four main countries: France, UK, Germany and Spain.

EADS - the European Aeronautic Defence and Space group. It is one of the largest aerospace industry. Founded in 2000, the Spanish, French and German companies.

ATR - Franco-Italian company. Manufacturer of aircraft, among which the most famous passenger liners ATR-42 and ATR-72.

At the moment, the foundation of the country are the combat air fleet, special plane, transport, education, helicopters.

Aircraft combat use:

1. Dassault Aviation Mirage 2000-5F - a multipurpose fighter.

2. Dassault Aviation Mirage 2000B - fighter training type.

3. Dassault Aviation Mirage 2000D - fighter-bomber.

4. Dassault Aviation Mirage 2000C - multipurpose fighter.

5. Dassault Aviation Mirage 2000N - bomber.

6. Dassault Aviation Rafale B - fighter training type.

7. Dassault Aviation Rafale C is a multi-role fighter.

8. The Dassault-Breguet Mirage F1-B fighter curriculum fighter.

9. Dassault-Breguet Mirage F1-CR - reconnaissance aircraft.

10. Dassault-Breguet Mirage F-1CT - fighter-bomber.

Aircraft special purpose:

1. Boeing E-3F - DRLO-plane.

2. Boeing C-135FR - air tanker.


1. Airbus A310-300 - transporter.

2. Airbus A340-200 - transporter.

3. Airbus A340-300 - transporter.

4. Airbus ACJ - transport.

5. CASA CN-235 - transport.

6. CASA CN-235M - transport.

7. Dassault Aviation Falcon 50 - administrative aircraft.

8. Dassault Aviation Falcon 900 - administrative aircraft.

9. De Havilland Canada DHC-6 - a transport.

10. Embraer EMB-121 - general purpose.

11. Lockheed C-130H - transport.

12. The Lockheed C-130H-30 is a transporter.

13. Socata TB30 - general purpose aircraft.

14. Socata TBM 700 - general purpose aircraft.

15. Transall C-160G - transport.

16. Transall C-160R - transport.

Aircraft training type:

1. Dassault-Breguet / Dornier Alphajet E - training aircraft, combat.

2. Embraer EMB-312 - training, training.

3. Mudry CAP 10B - training training.