Italian Air Force. Aviation Italy
Italian Air Force. Aviation Italy

Italian Air Force. Aviation Italy

Italy is a country with a fairly rich aviation history. The fact remains that it was the Italians began to use aircraft for combat purposes (1911 year, Libya, Italo-Turkish War). At the present time the Italian Air Force (the official name of the Aeronautica Militare) are among the three main armed forces of the state. The personnel of the organization - about 43 thousand. Man arms - 470 helicopters and airplanes.

Organizationally, the Italian Air Force is represented by the command of the aviation schools, the support command, the command of the air squadron and the two commands of the aviation districts in Baria and Milan.


Command of the Air Squadron


All aviation units are subordinate to the command of the air squadron, except for training ones.

Basic organizational units of the Italian Air Force:

• Stormo (literally meaning "flock") - analogue of the regiment.

• Group - the same as the squadron.

• Squadrilla - an analogue of a link.

The most modern combat aircraft, which consist on duty the Italian Air Force - this fighter "Typhoon". They are located in three Storm (regiment): 4-m Grosseto, 36-m in Gioia del Colle and 37-m in Trapani.

Attack aircraft of the Italian Air Force are Tornado fighter-bombers, which are in service with the 50-th Stormo in Piacenza and 6-th Stormo in Gedi. Light combat fighter-bombers AMX are in service with the 32 th Stormo in Amendola and 51 th Stormo in Irstan. In the city of Sigonell is located 41 th Stormo, which includes a group of basic patrol aircraft. Most of the transport aircraft is in 46-th Air Brigade (Pisa). Here are 2-i and 50-th groups of medium-sized aircraft C-130J, as well as the 98 group of light C-27J. In the arsenal of 14-th stormo in Pratica di Mare are the aircraft-tankers KS-767 and transport R.180. 31 th Stormo in Ciampino has airplanes to transport the highest echelon of officials. 15 th Stormo, whose headquarters is in Worms, unites search and rescue helicopters that are deployed at different airfields in five regions.

Means and ground air defense forces at the disposal of 2-Storm. Subordinate Command Air Squadron is also aerobatic team "Tricolor Arrows", which stands on the aircraft MB.339PAN.


Aviation Schools Command


The initial training of future military pilots carried out in 70-m Storm (Latina), which includes a 207-I group with the aircraft SF.260EA.

Basic and advanced training courses for pilots held in 61-m Storm in Lecce. 213-I group, which is part of it, is available Jets MV.339A. In 212-th group of scientists conducted on airplanes MB.339CD, have more modern equipment.

Helicopter for the Italian Air Force is prepared in 72-m Storm (Frozinone). 208-I group, which is part of it, is available to NH 500E helicopters, which are the base machine for training of flight personnel of the Marine and Army Aviation.

Command software subject to ground parts (maintenance, supplies and so forth.) and Command of Air Operations - 2 radar group of compounds (12 air regiments).


Modernization of the Italian Air Force fleet


At the present time, the purchase of 87 Typhoon fighters by the Italian Air Force is ending.

The AMX and Tornado planes are at the modernization stage, in the long term they are planned to be replaced by the 5 fighter X-XM-35 Lightning bombers. In the priority purchase of 90 such aircraft: 30 - F-35 and 60 - F-35A, however, their number is likely to be revised and reduced. In the near future, a deal will be held on the acquisition of the Italian Air Force of two Israeli airplanes by the G.550 DRLOiU according to the principle of exchange for training planes of Italian manufacture M.346 "Master". The latter at the disposal of the Air Force of Italy while a little - only 15 units. Replacement of obsolete Atlantic patrol aircraft with ATR 72ASW vehicles, which have been converted from civilian models, is under way. Great attention is paid to the renewal of the fleet of search and rescue helicopters.

Ordered supply helicopters AW 139, which should change the light AB 212, and replace HH-3F must be received heavier AW 101.


Italian Air Force aircraft fleet


Multirole fighter:

• Typhoon F-200 / VTF-2000 - 60/11 (25 units ordered).


• AMX / AMX-ET - 43/12.

• "Tornado" IDS / ECR - 60/15.

Aircraft electronic intelligence:

• G.222-3.

Patrol Aircraft:

• ATR72ASW-1 (4 units ordered).

• "Atlantic" - 4.


• KS-767 - 4.

Transport aircraft:

• Р180-14.

• Fulcon 50 - 2.

• Fulcon 900 - 5.

• A319-3.

• C-27J -12.

•              C-130J/C-130J-30/KC-130J - 5/10/6.


• М.346 - 3 (12 units ordered).

• MB.339A / CD / PAN - 34/29/18.

• SF.260 - 30.


• HH-3F - 21.

• AW139 - 3 (17 units ordered).

• AB 212 - 33.

• NH500E - 49.

Unmanned aerial vehicles:

• MQ-9A - 6.

• RQ-1B - 6.