Height (2010).
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Height (2010).

Height (2010)


  • Genre: Horror, Thriller, Fantasy
  • Country: Canada, USA
  • Director: Kaare Andrews
  • Starring: Jessica Lowndes, Landon Liboyron, Julianne Guillen, Ryan Donohue, Mike Dopud, Chila Horsdal Ryan Grantham, Michelle Harrison, Ian Robisan

The action takes place on board an airplane with four teenagers and a girl at the helm. Due to malfunctions, the plane rises high in the air, and then falls into fog. By their miscalculations, during the fall, they should have crashed into the ground, but instead they continue to fall into the abyss. Something sinister lurks in the fog and longs for their death.

Height (2010).



The hopelessness and tension were perfectly revealed in the plot. Attention was paid to the personal stories of each character, everyone has a very interesting fate. Only being in the interest, they will be able to get out of the endless fog, gray clouds that fell upon them. From thriller plot smoothly into the expected story.


Actor play

The game of young actors, besides the unknown, turns out to be decent, the characters are very colorful. From a certain point on the main qualities are trained ligaments and the absence of complexes. The images are created in the script so well that their implementation, problems in appropriate actors, even if they are not particularly endowed with a bright talent, should arise.



The film keeps in suspense. There is a competent camera work, good sound, special effects, which were used very intelligently. Computer graphics used only where needed.

Height (2010).

Closed space, the lack of running around the abandoned houses and ships haunted with ghosts. Frightening storm, a wild strain of the absolutely unprecedented situation in the movies.


honestly: haven't watched this movie. if, as described in the article, the film keeps in suspense, then you should take a look. all the more young "not blurry" actors are always interesting!
PS - Write about the film with Renata Litvinova


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