War Thunder. Online simulator. A game. Description. Video.
War Thunder. Online simulator. A game. Description. Video.

War Thunder. Online simulator.



The game is proposed to manage the aircraft of the Second World War, his mechanics as close to this technology. There are plenty of options for avid gamers, the newcomers will not stay mad at first, and be able to fly using the default settings.


Options Thunder has several game modes: PvE, PvP battles, hardcore and arcade battle. Management also has several levels of difficulty:


  • the simplest way - aiming and mouse control. Almost all commands are executed for the computer player. In this mode, the gameplay is mastered for about an hour;
  • advanced players are offered full control: complete control of the player all the processes (mixture, trimmers, weapons and so on.).

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Download the game is not difficult - you need to create an account on the official website and then download the client. All this is free of charge.


Types of aircraft


The game currently has just over 200 aircraft belonging to different countries. Game mechanics depends on each type of aircraft. There are heavy and light aircraft. The game takes into account all the characteristics peculiar technique was used during the war. Currently simulator presented 5 countries: Japan, the USSR, Britain, the US and Germany. Every country is different in different technical specifications of their aircraft. Control room equipment worked, also takes into account the physics of flight, agility, handling - each model its quality.


In the game you can control the aircraft using a keyboard and mouse, or joystick.

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Options Thunder allows to download both aircraft and crew. It is a necessary part of the game. Because victory depends both on the capabilities of the aircraft and crew skills. Crews pumped on subjects vigilance, vitality, breadth of view and resistance to stress. If there is a board of arrows, he pumped additional skills. The aircraft also improved: the rate of repair, recharge and shooting.

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In fact, a huge number of options, but they do not represent special complexity. As gameplay, all by itself gradually absorbed. Additional features only increase interest in the gameplay.


Lovers of high-quality realism in simulations, it is recommended this is the game. Thunder Vary - one of the ten best games of the genre of MMO 2012 years.

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