Westland AH 1 Scout. Photo. Characteristics.
Westland AH 1 Scout. Photo. Characteristics.

Westland AH 1 Scout. Photo. Characteristics. 


United Kingdom

A type: A multi-purpose tactical helicopter

CapacityOne pilot and four passengers

Helicopter AS 1 Scout began its life in 1956 as a proposal of R. 531 to the company Saunders-Po to create a light helicopter, the work on the first two prototypes of which were started two years later. After the acquisition of the company "Saunders-Po" by Westland, the work was continued until the army aircraft ordered a batch of pre-production cars. The first of them was delivered in August 1960 year, and a month later it was followed by the first of several serial orders. Helicopter AN 1, nicknamed "Scout", began his military service in Middle Vallop at the beginning of 1963. Actually it was delivered 150 helicopters.

 These helicopters were later used for a wide variety of tasks, from ordinary general-purpose tasks to fighting tanks. The Scout helicopters participated in the war for the Falkland Islands, where they were used mainly for communications and evacuation of the victims. The last copies of this helicopter were decommissioned in the 1994 year, although two copies remain in a state of airworthiness by Historic Flight in Middle Wallop. The naval modification of the Scout helicopter, known as the “Wasp”, was also built in significant numbers (133 specimen) and more than 25 years with distinction served on board numerous ships of the Royal Navy.

Description: https://web.archive.org/web/20160705060622im_/http:/avia.pro/sites/default/files/westland-scout-ah-1-helicopter.jpg

Equipped with four wheels instead of orienting ski gear, helicopters "Wasp" also took part in the Falklands War. Today, only a small part of the helicopter "Scout" is still in operation in Indonesia and the Malaysian Navy, Royal New Zealand Navy withdrew its last copies of the operation at the beginning of the year 1998. In private hands today no one helicopter "Wasp."

Basic data


Length: 9,24 m

Main rotor diameter: 9,83 m

Height: 3,56 m

The weight:

Empty: 1465 kg

Maximum takeoff: 2404 kg

Aircraft performance characteristics:

Maximum speed: 211 km / h

Flight range: 505 km

Power point: "Nimbas» (Nimbus) Mk 101 / 102 of "Rolls-Royce"

Power: 1050 l. from. Shaft (783 kW)

Date of first flight:

July 20, 1958

Remaining airworthy modifications: AN 1 «Scout»