Westland Wessex
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Westland Wessex


Westland Wessex - British multi-purpose helicopter. It is intended to enforce the Marine Corps task rescue prospecting and transportation.


Westland Wessex photo

Westland Wessex photo.

Helicopter "Wessex" HSS1, built in the USA on the basis of the S58 helicopter, made its first flight on 17.05.1957/1/727. The first flight of the helicopter "Wessex" HAS20.06.1958 No. XL1960 made in Great Britain took place on XNUMX. Serial production began in April XNUMX.


Westland Wessex photo booths

Westland Wessex photo booths

One copy of the S58 helicopter was modified and imported by Westland, first thanks to the 820kW / 1100hp HPT installation, and then on the pre-production and experimental machines - the 1081kW / 1450hp motors. The first copy of the series entered service with the Royal Navy of Great Britain on 04.07.1961/XNUMX/XNUMX.

Features helicopter Westland Wessex:



  • Number of crew members: 2 — 3 

  • Maximum speed: 212km / h 

  • The speed at FL: 195km / h 

  • Static ceiling: 1800m 

  • Dynamic ceiling: 4300m

  • Ferrying range: 770km 

  • Range: 435km 

  • Maximum take-off weight: 6123 

  • Empty weight: 3767 

  • Maximum payload: 2268kg 

  • The greatest number of passengers: 16 or 7 injured 

  • The diameter of the rotor: 17,7m

  • Length: 14,74m

  • Height: 4,93m 

  • Engine: TVS RollsRoyceGnome 1122 by 1550 


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