World of Warplanes. Review flight simulator. A photo. Video.
World of Warplanes. Review flight simulator. A photo. Video.

World of Warplanes. Overview of the flight simulator.



World of Warplanes is a flight simulator from the Belarusian company Wargaming. "Weighs" about 5 GB, you can download it from the official site.




The game is dedicated to fighting period 30-50 years. Aircraft from biplanes to jet fighters of the Korean War. The simulator has WoWP 5 branches of aircraft at the moment. Japan, the USSR, the US, Germany and Britain - represented countries.


Several maps that are fighting 15h15, good graphics. It should be noted that the game - new and constantly improving. Monthly output patches that update the game and improving its performance. The number of cards is increasing.

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Power aircraft depends on the height of typed them - different models have individual characteristics and maximum rate of climb. There is a function afterburner - a short-term increase in engine power is used to set the speed, the acceleration at the turn, and this is useful in battle. The controls are very realistic, it includes flaps that can be produced automatically and manually.


In service: bombs of different tonnage and the radius of destruction, guns and machine guns of various sizes, with several types of ammunition, as well as many kinds of missiles.


Management has three modes with more advanced settings for each of them: a joystick or gamepad, mouse + keyboard, just keyboard.




In the game at the moment more than 200 aircraft, their number is growing every patch. There are three categories with their technical characteristics:

  • light fighters (2 types - conventional and deck, the latter have the opportunity to be staffed by bombs) - effective in close combat, and used to destroy enemy aircraft;
  • heavy fighters - have powerful weapons are used. As for the destruction of the enemy and its ground facilities (anti-aircraft guns, ships and so forth.);
  • stormtroopers - apply in person at ground targets, but have a powerful small arms and able to quickly destroy the enemy got in sight.


For each of the aircraft are available different models of motors, arms and body with different armor.

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Kinds of battles


Training modes:

  • Training - performing tasks in the framework of missions for the training;
  • a single battle - the battle with the bots;
  • fight training - the ability to invite other players into the room to practice and hone piloting skills.


Battle Mode - Participate 2 15 team aircraft. The winner is to destroy the enemy or to gain an advantage and managed to hold it. The maximum duration of the fight - 15 minutes.


The game is interesting enough, and is based on pumping branches of aircraft and crew skills. Each of these countries has its own branch of planes (from 1, 10 level up). The crews can be trained in military academies and transplanted from the aircraft to the aircraft.



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