Xian W-50
Xian W-50

Xian W-50

The W-50 reconnaissance UAV was developed and manufactured by the Chinese aircraft manufacturer Xian. The technical institute also took part in the development of this unmanned vessel. The design and construction of the full-scale working machine was completed in 1994. After the tests, it became clear that the machine has excellent performance, after which in 1996 it was decided to launch the serial production of the W-50.

The main tasks of the aircraft W-50

  • Carrying out reconnaissance missions, regardless of the time of day.

  • Monitoring and patrolling battlefields.

  • The machine can carry out the adjustment and Aiming for artillery fire.

  • May conduct border patrols or disputed territories.

  • Due to the installed photo and video equipment can be wide-area survey.

  • Aircraft W-50 can be used as a geological reconnaissance.

All the data collected by the device is transmitted to the control center in real time, this allows making appropriate actions and adjustments in the shortest possible time. The unmanned vehicle is launched from a launcher that is based on a truck chassis. Combat reconnaissance complex W-50 consists of ten vehicles that are launched using powder boosters. 

Xian W-50. Characteristics:

Modification  W-50
Wingspan, m   6.00
Length m   3.80
Height, m   1.40
Weight, kg  
  Payload   50
  maximum take-off   222
engine's type   1 PD HS-700
Power, hp   X 1 50
Maximum speed km / h   210
Range, km   150
Flight duration, h  
  normal   4
  maximum   8
Practical ceiling, m   5000-6000


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