Y-30 Airlifter
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Y-30 Airlifter - a new model of transport aircraft

Avic The company is developing a new model of transport aircraft Y-30 Airlifter



Chinese companies are developing a new model of vehicle cargo plane Y-30 Airlifter, which is due to go into service after 2020 years.

The program for the creation of a new model of a cargo aircraft has been carried out for several years. The new model Y-30 will have the same characteristics as C-130 Hercules and Embraer LS-390, with a gross weight of about 80 tons, with the ability to carry cargo weighing up to 30 tons. These figures are comparable to the load capacity of the Airbus A400M. On the Y-30 will be installed four turboprop engines. One of the variants of the engine for the aircraft, is offered by WJ-16. This is a new engine, the power of 5072 hp, which corresponds to the required indicators for the creation of traction necessary for the estimated carrying capacity. It is also considered for installation on the WJ-10 engine, which has proved itself well during the test tests.


Y-30 Airlifter

You can also install jet engines, in this case, the aircraft will be comparable to the configuration of the KC-390.

In the pre-launch stage of readiness is WJ-20 engine, developed specifically for cargo transport planes.

Maximum speed Y-30 will be within 600-700 km / h, depending on the configuration. Flight distance determined 6000-7000 km with optimal payload.

According to the schedule of works on designing and testing of the aircraft, the first flight scheduled after 2020 years.

Shanxi Aircraft Company specializing in the design of large, transport planes is working to create a model Y-9, which is in the same class as the Y-30.

The fuselage of Y-30 will be wider than the Y-8, Y-9-130 and C at the request of military specialists and installation conditions turboprop engines, the aircraft will be widely used in the market for civilian traffic.

Xian Aircraft Company a division of Avic Aircraft, developing a model of transport aircraft Y-20, which made its first flight in January 2013 years. In the development of the aircraft had active assistance specialists of "Antonov".


Y-30 Airlifter

The successful development of the aircraft Y-30, will allow the Chinese armed forces to produce the transfer of troops and military equipment to remote distances in a shorter time.
Being designed transport aircraft Y-19 engines WJ-10, 110 with gross weight tons.

Conducting intensive design work of a range of transport aircraft of various payloads, will allow the Chinese armed forces to carry out aircraft orders in accordance with the tasks and the international situation in the world. 

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