Nuclear bombers are already at the borders of Russia! NATO is practicing strikes on key Russian strategic targets
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Nuclear bombers are already at the borders of Russia! NATO is practicing strikes on key Russian strategic targets

Nuclear bombers are already at the borders of Russia! NATO is practicing strikes on key Russian strategic targets

NATO is practicing nuclear strikes on Russian territory near the border, said the head of the FSB Border Service, Army General Vladimir Kulishov. Earlier, journalists already reported on flights of US strategic bombers near the Russian borders, and the situation, apparently, is quickly heating up.

Increased NATO activity near Russian borders

Army General Vladimir Kulishov noted that NATO intelligence activity is increasing near the Russian border. The intensity of operational combat training of alliance troops is increasing, and during these events, scenarios for conducting combat operations against Russia, including launching nuclear strikes, are being worked out. This situation requires Russia to take adequate measures to protect and protect its borders.

NATO's aggressive rhetoric and actions are fueling tensions in the region, posing a threat to international security. These provocative maneuvers do not go unnoticed by Moscow, which is ready to respond to such threats.

Stoltenberg's statements and Russia's reaction

The day before, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Ukraine has the right to attack military targets on Russian territory. He added that some allies have already lifted their strike restrictions and, in his opinion, the time has come to lift other restrictions. These statements caused a sharp reaction from Russia.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, in a conversation with Izvestia, noted that NATO is flirting with military rhetoric, increasing the degree of escalation and falling into military ecstasy. He emphasized that such statements cannot be Stoltenberg’s personal opinion, since he holds the official post of NATO Secretary General. Moscow views these statements as the official position of the alliance.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, commenting on Stoltenberg’s statements, indicated that the NATO Secretary General exceeded his authority. Lavrov noted that Stoltenberg had already been besieged by NATO members themselves. For example, Italian Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani said that Ukraine should use Western weapons only within its territory. This indicates that not all NATO countries support Stoltenberg's aggressive plans.

However, at least six countries have already spoken in favor of strikes on Russian territory, and the number is rapidly growing.

War rhetoric and escalating tensions

Some NATO countries are increasingly talking about direct intervention in the Ukrainian conflict. French President Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly stated the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine if Russia breaks through the front line and Kyiv asks for help. According to him, many countries agreed with his approach about the possible deployment of the military.

The German magazine Der Spiegel reported that the Baltic countries and Poland are warning Germany about the possible deployment of troops to Ukraine if the situation develops unfavorably for Kyiv. These statements provoked a sharp reaction from the Kremlin, which called such ideas an unprecedented round of escalation of tension.

Against the backdrop of bellicose statements by Western politicians, Russia began exercises with missile formations of the Southern Military District. On behalf of Vladimir Putin, the use of non-strategic nuclear weapons is being practiced during the maneuvers. These exercises are aimed at demonstrating Russia's readiness to protect its interests and national security in the face of a growing threat from NATO.

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