Yakovlev Yak-130


Yak-130 - training and combat aircraft, developed by Yakovlev together with the company Aermacchi. The machine has been designed to replace the Air Force Russian training aircraft L-39.


Designers - Vitali Naryshkin, Dolzhenkov Nikolai and Konstantin Popovich. Because of disagreements joint development has been discontinued as a result of which each of the companies had to implement its own concept. Yak-130 - new aircraft (not an upgraded version of the existing model), built in Russia after the Soviet collapse. The tender for the supply of the Yak-130 Air Force defeated the MiG-AT.


History of the Yak-130


At the end of 1980-ies was a competition to create a new UBS. The new aircraft was to be a dual-engine car for a full pilot training from initial training to the characteristics of deployment and maintenance in combat units flying skills.

Yak-130 video


Air Force gave preference to two projects: the MiG-AT and Yak-130. To create a new aircraft needed more money, which had neither the Defense Department nor the developers, so the planes were developed together with foreign companies: French - MiG-AT, Italian - Yak-130. Due to disagreements with the Italian partner of the development of the Yak-130 at the last stage completed. The Italian company has received all the technical documentation and construction on the airframe, causing launched its training aircraft under the designation - M-346.


The prototype sample made its first flight in April 25 1996 of them manage Andrei Sinitsyn - an experienced test pilot.


The Yak-130 2005 in February, the Vladimir Mikhailov flew (in force at the time Chief of the Russian Air Force). ICG was completed in December 2009 years.


Tasks aircraft Yak-130


The main objectives of the Yak-130 include teaching students: taking off and landing, navigation, piloting, performing complex maneuvers, obtaining skills Action on error pilot and fault aircraft, action at extreme flight conditions, flying in close combat formations in terms of visibility and in the afternoon, skills training performing defensive and offensive maneuvers, the development of mining systems and the basics of combat employment of air and ground targets.

Yak-130 cabin

Yak-130 has a system simulating combat use of modes, which allows you to work the fight (without firing real ammunition), the interaction between air vehicles, missile and bomb strikes on various ground targets, including simulated enemy air defenses. Also, the aircraft has 9 suspension points for containers with rockets and cannons and external fuel tanks.


The aircraft in the event of war could effectively deal with the problems of light attack aircraft - to destroy low-speed air targets and specific ground targets.


Features Yak-130


The aircraft has a KSU-130 (Digital Integrated Management System), which was developed in MIEA. On it lay down security features and automatic flight control, which allows you to simulate on the teachings of the handling characteristics and stability of the other aircraft. It allows you to train pilots on the fourth and fifth generation aircraft (MiG-29, Su-30, F-15 и F-16, F-22, F-35, Eurofighter Typhoon и Flurry). The aircraft has the electronic display, which is based on three LCD MFTSI size 15h20 see. In front of the cockpit on the windshield has a light.

Yak-130 video


To increase the maintainability had to abandon the composites, all the components of the airframe is made of lightweight aluminum-lithium-magnesium alloys (as it is known, on the Aermacchi M-346 these composites are present). Yak-130 can take off from poorly prepared airfields.


Total flight from Armavir to Irkutsk Yak-130 7,6 consumes less tons of aviation fuel. This figure is less than any aircraft that is in service with the Russian Air Force.


Production of the Yak-130


The serial production of the aircraft was planned to spend on plants in Irkutsk and Nizhny Novgorod. Production at the plant "Sokol" launched at the end of 2008, the aircraft will also be produced at the Irkutsk aviation plant (production aimed at export).


Oleg Demchenko, President of "Irkut» 4 2008 June, stated that the Irkutsk Aviation Plant took an order for the production of 62 training and combat fighter of the model, which will go into service of the Russian Federation Air Force. According to him, "there is a volume order for the release of the Yak-130, the budget for which has already been confirmed." It is planned that the first Yak-130 will be produced before the end of 2008, and supplies for the Air Force will begin in 2009 year.

Yak-130 cabin

Serial Yak-130 made its first flight in May 19 2009 years. He was one of the ordered aircraft for the Air Force.


The newspaper "Kommersant» 23 September 2011, the news broke that link to an anonymous source, that the tender for the supply of the Yak-130 aircraft for the Air Force was declared invalid.


Corporation "Irkut" and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in November 16 2011, the signed contract for the supply of the Yak-130. Prior to 2015 years, according to the document, the Russian Air Force is to receive 55 new aircraft, which will focus on training of military pilots.


Defense Ministry in late January 2012 was reported that the number of the ordered aircraft will increase by 10 units.


Prospects for the Yak-130


The need of the Russian Federation Air Force Yak-130 250 evaluated units, in turn, the need of the world market is 2500 units. The aircraft is positioned as a training complex, intended for the development of Su-30MK during export.

Yak-130 bottom

These planes in the future to replace the outdated fleet of Czechoslovak production L-39. According to experts, this should happen in 10-13 years.


Most of L-39, used in Russia as the aircraft for training and training of cadets, a long time ago flew its resources. Therefore, in the Soviet Union at the end of 1980-x has been declared a tender for training aircraft. mass production of L-1999 and the modern version of the aircraft L-39 Ministry of Defence as a result of changes in the geopolitical orientation of the Czech Republic, as well as it transitions to a potential enemy camp was completed in 159 year.


Once in 2011, it was decided to transfer the production to Irkutsk, the company decided to create a light attack aircraft with high-precision weapons and RSL-based Yak-130. The aircraft will be radar "Bars-130».

Yak-130 characteristics:

Modification   Yak-130
Wingspan, m   9.72
Aircraft Length m   11.49
Height, m   4.76
Wing area, m2   23.52
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   4500
  normal takeoff   6350
  maximum take-off   9000
Fuel kg  
  domestic fuel   850-1750
  PTB   600
engine's type   2 TRD RD-35 (2 Povazske Strojarne DV-2S)
Thrust, kgf   X 2 2200
Maximum speed km / h   1000
Practical range, km   1850
Combat range, km   1315
Practical ceiling, m   12500
Max. operation overload   8
Crew   2
Armament:   The combat load - 3000 6 kg hardpoints
  Suspension possible:
 454-kg and 227-kg bombs (Mk.83 and Mk.82 on AEM-130),
 UR air-to-air P-73 (AIM -9L / M on AEM-130),
 UR air-ground (AGM-65 on AEM-130),
 CRP (Marte Mk-2A at ​​AEM-130),
 containers with 23-mm or 30-mm guns, PU NUR,
 containers with reconnaissance equipment (for AEM-130 - VICON-601) or EW equipment (for AEM-130 ELT-55)



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