Yakovlev Yak-133BR


Yak-133BR - unmanned spy created by operating time combat training aircraft Yak-130. OKB. Yakovlev was considering a number of interspecific promising multipurpose unmanned aircraft systems. The development of the UAV "Raven" and "crossbill" carried out in the usual way, but in the construction of more costly and complex drones family "Breakthrough" was planned to involve non-traditional scheme. The important point is that the project was based on the UAV technological advance, which has been obtained during the development of UBS Yak-130.


Most of the elements of the management system and the avionics of the aircraft was transferred to the drone. This has enabled the development of an unmanned aircraft with less complex than in a traditional design, and reduced production time and technical risks.


UAV family "Breakthrough" Yak-133BR has 3 modification: scout radar surveillance and attack aircraft, which has a large number of interchangeable systems and components.


UAVs can perform virtually all tasks with respect to conduct aerial reconnaissance and special operations. According to the concept of creating a model of the Yak-133BR new unmanned vehicle will have a lot to do with the Yak-130, which is now at the final stage of flight tests.


These 3 UAVs linked structurally and ideologically together. To successfully implement the development program aircomplexes UAV, you need to devise a mechanism of the production process at all levels up to the task orientation aids.


As practice shows, the primacy of the creation of UAVs in Russian Aircraft Construction Design Bureau is given, because the CB have a huge experience of creation of aircraft with the use of complex technical units and systems.

Yakovlev Yak-133BR characteristics:

ХCharacteristics "Break-In" "Break-P" "Break-RLD"
A type Long range Long range Long range
Purpose (basic / modification) Shock Scout Radar Watch
Wingspan / fuselage length, m - - -
Launch weight, kg 10 000 9800 10000
Mass target equipment kg 1000 3000 ... 1000 ... 1200 1000
Speed, km / h 1100 750 750
Flight duration, h 6 20 16
Practical ceiling, m 16 000 20 000 14 000


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