Yakovlev Yak-15


Soviet designers was created fighter jet Yak-15 40-in the middle of the last century. This machine has been designed on the basis of pre-existing Yak-3. For the first time this machine has made the gap between the runway summer 46 years. The Yak-15 was manufactured for two years from the 46 47 of the year, during which time it was released 280 machines. This fighter is a transition from the standard machine screw machines to the new jet. That is why it was used as a study.

History of the creation and operation of the Yak-15

Production of the aircraft was launched by order of Stalin, which said the establishment of 15 devices of this type, which were to take part in the autumn parade. Therefore, these early machines did not have weapons on board.


Production aircraft carried out an aircraft factory in the city of Tbilisi, which had performed the previous machine Yakovlev. The first batch was made fairly quickly and easily, because a lot of parts of the aircraft were similarly. But first off the plane took place in the town of Zhukovsky, as the Tbilisi airport could not prevent the landing and take-off of the machine in this class. After the factory test car started to test the state commission.

Despite the fact that the state tests have not yet been finished, it is a new regulation, which was given the task of manufacturing more 50 devices of this class, and 25 of them should be made in a double version. But in reality, neither double machine Yak-15 has not been made, because it was not of avionics. Instead, they produced a standard aircraft.


Since the beginning of 47, these machines were transferred to the USSR Air Force and were used for training purposes, the training data took place on the runway of the Seimas. After passing the training, the pilots and Yak-15 cars took part in the parade, which was held on 1 in Moscow, on Red Square. At the same time, 50 machines of the Yak-15 class were involved. Despite all this, the machine had flaws, which had to be eliminated. The manufacture of such an aircraft was most of all a political step, which was to confirm the fighting power of the Union. Politicians before the whole world wanted to show that the war did not weaken the USSR, but rather, on the contrary, it activated all its forces.

Features of the aircraft structure

Powerplant Yak-15 represented by a single jet engine type YuMO-004. He provided the aircraft thrust 900 kgs. As for housing, it is virtually identical to the body Yak-3. In appearance, the machine can be concluded that the designers took the Yak-3 and equipped it with a jet engine without much significant improvements.


The hull frame was made of steel pipes, on which duralumin sheathing was fastened. The bow part of the truss had special fasteners on which the engine was mounted. The bottom of the car body was made of special heat-resistant metal. Plumage in the Yak-15 is completely analogous to the plumage of the Yak-3 aircraft, only the keel of the car was changed, namely the designers increased its area. The wings of the fighter were made up of two spars, and in the center of them was installed an arch that clasped the power unit. The wing was also lined with metal and equipped with ailerons and landing flaps.


Fuel system unit was represented by four tanks. Two of them were installed in the wings, another - in the nose compartment, and a fourth has been installed directly on the engine of the machine. Regarding electrical new fighter, it was carried out exactly as in the previous plane. This machine had planned to equip two large-caliber guns such as NS-23K who would like to install the engine on the machine.

Yak-15 characteristics:

Modification   Yak-15
Wingspan, m   9.20
Length m   8.70
Height, m   2.27
Wing area, m2   14.85
  empty   1852
  takeoff weight   2742
engine's type   1 TRD RD-10
Thrust, kgf   X 1 900
Maximum speed km / h  
  near the ground   700
  on high   786
Cruising speed, km / h   689
Practical range, km   510
Ceiling, m   13350
Crew   1
Armament:   one 23-mm gun (60 shells).


Yak-15 video



After reviewing the progress of the Germans in the field of jet technology, the leadership of the Soviet Union is strongly requested, or rather demanded their aviation specialists to address this serious subjects as possible. Domestic designers have long had their own ideas as well as that obtained captured samples and documents proved very useful.
Taking up the creation of the first sample of a jet aircraft, A.S. Yakovlev took as a basis well-known to the combat pilots Yak-3. Thus, the designer decided two problems at the same time - overcoming the natural habit of flight and maintenance personnel to the new machine, as well as reducing the costs of developing and finalizing the layout scheme. Already in the first flights, the Yak-15 prospects became evident - the speed increased by almost 100 km / h. But a lot has been revealed. One of the main problems was a short range - no more than 500 km. In addition, a jet from the engine destroyed the runway, and the small red-hot parts of the coating damaged the fuselage from below. However, thanks to the fact that the new aircraft was similar in control with the Yak-3, it was adopted as a transitional variant from a piston to a reactive aircraft, and the Yak-15 divided with the MiG-9 the glory of the first Soviet fighter equipped with a turbojet engine.

This machine can rightly be considered a transition from the old screw machines to the new jet. Due to the fact that it is based on the Yak-3 he has good flying qualities, but as noted in the literature, it was not a spectacular device. According to the first pancake is always lumpy. But he is perfectly able to realize himself as an aircraft for training pilots.


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