Yakovlev Yak-44


Yak-44 is a deck-based aircraft used for the implementation of radar surveillance, guidance of RPLNU and electronic countermeasures. It was developed in the middle of the 1970-ies in the OKB im. Yakovleva. The design of the aircraft is in many respects similar to the American airplane E-2 "Hokai". The operation was supposedly planned to be carried out as part of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier 1143.7 "Ulyanovsk". Assignment for the design and development of aircraft Yak-44 OKB them. Yakovlev received in 1979, further development of the project was planned in the direction of other modifications. Given the difficulties that arose with the installation of on-board equipment, they built only a model of the aircraft. In 1993, the Yak-44 project was frozen due to insufficient funding.




The aircraft radar surveillance and guidance Yak-44 - universal information and reconnaissance vehicle, provided remote radar stations, which are connected with the air point guidance and control aircraft detected against air, ground and sea targets.


The functions of the aircraft:

  • control of ground, surface and air space;
  • Guidance strike aircraft on detected targets.

At the core structures - vysokoplan right wing, which is equipped with slats, double-slit deflector flaps, spoilers and a spoiler.

Under the wing were two vintoventilyatornyh motor. Driving tail plane - dvuhkilevoe diversity.

Fuel tanks are tanks-caissons, which were placed in the stabilizer and the wing root segment.

Chassis Scout - retractable in flight, tricycle. It has a front-driven support.


Systems Yak-44


The aircraft is equipped with the following systems:

  • fuel;
  • hydropneumatic;
  • launch and motor control;
  • power supply;
  • anti-icing;
  • air cooling;
  • oxygen equipment;
  • air-conditioning;
  • fire protection;
  • liquid cooling and pressurization.


As part of the equipment is a wire system provided by the integrated analog-to-digital control system and the aircraft wing mechanisms, including autonomous control actuators. This system allows the flight of the aircraft at different alignment caused by rearrangement of equipment or volume of fuel in the tanks.

The Yak-44 has two autonomous hydraulic systems.

Before the wing at the top of the fuselage placed air intake and radiator CBO and SLE.

Start engine is carried out by four drive power generators with total capacity of 3000 kW. In case of refusal of elements of power supply to the CDS comes from the alternator, which is driven by the efforts of an air turbine, located in the forward fuselage.


The plane has a combined anti-icing system (PIC):

  • Heating engine air intakes, slats and SLE performed air-thermal technology;
  • the front edges of feathers are equipped with rubber protectors pneumatic PIC;
  • Screws engines fairings, glass cockpit and LDPE are equipped with electro-thermal POS.

Engine compartment protects from samozagoraniya automatic fire extinguishing system. In the event of a fire in the cockpit have manual extinguishers.

Starting the engine on the ground provided by the auxiliary gas turbine engine, which was placed in the bottom compartment of the equipment.

Operator compartment was in the location of a place of rest, a toilet and a snack bar that allows the crew to fly long distances without landing.

On-board equipment

The structure of electronic onboard equipment Yak-44 includes functionally related information and information management system, digital computing devices, display and control systems. Multiplex channels of information exchange are the main link between the systems.


The aircraft is equipped with radio communications and flight-navigation system, integrated control system, meteonavigatsionnoy, radar, control system obschesamoletnym equipment onboard automated control system, on-board recording device, power supply system, the device discard the false thermal purposes and chaff, the respondent state identification, marker radio, ATC defendant, lighting equipment.


The composition of the flight and navigation system of the aircraft includes:

  • Digital central computer;
  • multifunctional display and control panels;
  • elektroindikatsii system comprising five displays;
  • complex navigation systems near, far, satellite navigation and inertial navigation system;
  • altitude-speed equipment provided by two air data computer, two radio altimeters, a warning system of dangerous regimes and automatic radio.


Navigation and piloting complex intended:

  • to continuously determine the coordinates of the aircraft according to the means of long-distance, short-range and satellite navigation;
  • to generate and display the current status of aircraft systems and operating parameters of the power plant.


Due to the integrated management system was performed:

  • avtopilotirovanie in the vertical and horizontal planes on a pre-specified route;
  • automatic landing scout signals terrestrial landing aids;
  • Trim programmed speeds, roll, yaw, pitch, pitch.

Meteonavigatsionnaya radar signaled to the crew of the storm front on the path paved route and advise the best fly-hazardous areas.


Due to the on-board automated control system performed the following tasks:

  • ensuring the health and condition of the systems and equipment during the flight;
  • preservation and transmission of results on technical ground stations;
  • execution control aircraft operating limitations;
  • finding faults in engines and aircraft equipment, calculation of remaining life and prognosis of further technical condition.


Yak-44 characteristics:

Modification   Yak-44E
Wingspan, m   25.70
Aircraft Length m   20.39
Height, m   8.46
Wing area, m2   49.20
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   21200
  maximum take-off   30400
engine's type   2 TVWD D-27
Power, hp   X 2 4700
Maximum cruising speed, km / h   680
Flight duration, h   12
Practical ceiling, m  
Crew   5


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