Yakovlev Yak-8


Yak-8 - passenger plane, which was designed to carry six people. It equipped with two motors M-11FM, with a capacity of 145 hp each. It was created in OKB Yakovleeva based night bomber Yak-6.

The design is mainly made of wood, linen lining. The middle part of the fuselage is made of semi-monocoque type. The height of the walls of the transverse webs was 80 mm. Outside and inside the plane off with plywood sheathing thickness 2 mm. Finally got a pretty tough plywood box. The tail and nose portion taken from the Yak-6. Wing-in-one, two-spar, wooden. Plumage is also made of wood. Boarding an airplane full linen. Chassis - retractable type cleaning is in the nacelle, the main wheels are sized 600h180 mm tailwheel - 220h110 mm.

Yakovlev Yak-8

The design of the new aircraft was easy and rational, but the tests of the machine in flight showed insufficient power for such dimensions. It was not surprising, because in the project the aircraft is specified with the layout of M-12 engines, which had a power of 190 hp. But they were not enough for production. Therefore, we installed much smaller motors with thrust M-11FM. The Yak-8 aircraft showed quite good speed - 248 km / h, some drawbacks of the basic model were corrected. The device successfully passed state tests and received a recommendation for serial production, which could not be launched due to the transition to the production and operation of metal passenger aircraft.

Yak-8 characteristics:

Modification   Yak-8
Wingspan, m   14.80
Length m   11.35
Height, m  
Wing area, m2   30.00
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   1750
  normal takeoff   2700
engine's type   2 PD M-11FM
Power, hp   X 2 145
Maximum speed km / h   248
Cruising speed, km / h   202
Practical range, km   890
Rate of climb, m / min   156
Practical ceiling, m   3900
Crew   2
Payload:   6 passengers



The Yak-8 project is another not implemented project of a good aircraft. As always, the government sets a task, throws money away, and eventually abandons the project and closes the ego. But still, when creating this machine, a huge amount of work was done by our designers, which was used to build the following devices. As was the previous guest said this machine can really be considered a transitional model from standard combat fighters and bombers, to civilian vehicles. Although this is a new car, but it has much in common in its design with the Yak-6 bomber.

The Yak-8 aircraft was conceived as a passenger car designed to carry 6 people. To lead the creation of a new "Yak" was entrusted to the young engineer OKB Yakovlev Oleg Antonov. The night bomber Yak-6 was accepted for the base. In general, an easy, economical and sufficiently reliable scheme would contribute to the success of the Yak-8 in operation. However, the engines failed. Instead of the M-12 engines with thrust 190 hp, which the in-built series could not provide, the aircraft had to equip the M-11FM, which had a nominal power of only 100 hp. This immediately worsened the flight characteristics of the Yak-8. Designers did not give up: the work done on the results of test flights still allowed to correct a number of shortcomings, and the Yak-8 production could be started. But the plane was again unlucky - in the aircraft industry began the transition from wood to metal, as the main structural material.
Yak-8 become a stepping stone to the transitional phase of post-war life. Thanks to the first peace (July 1945 g) request for serial construction of the Yak-8 Kharkov aircraft factory was disbanded and was able to keep its specialization of production.

Recently, I faced with the Yak-8. Generally, this machine is designed as a passenger ship for transporting troops. But as with most projects of this time it is not widely used. Unfortunately, at all times our officials emit huge scrip money in the development of new military equipment programs, and in consequence they do not find a decent application. On the other hand, these costs are essential to maintain that the military potential of the country.


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