Yakovlev Yak-18 / Nanchang CJ-5 / 6. A photo. Characteristics.
Yakovlev Yak-18 / Nanchang CJ-5 / 6. A photo. Characteristics.

Yakovlev Yak-18 / Nanchang CJ-5 / 6. A photo. Characteristics.


USSR / China

A type: Single-engine piston training aircraft initial training and aerobatic aircraft

Crew: two pilots located one after the other, one pilot (Yak-18G1M aircraft) or two pilots located side by side, and two passengers (Yak-18T aircraft)

Designed on the basis of pre-war aircraft UT-2, Yak-18 from the beginning built as a specialized base uchebnotrenirovochny plane for the Soviet Air Force. The first production aircraft entered service in the Soviet Union in 1947 year. In 1955 it was presented to the Yak-18U, distinguished by a longer fuselage and tricycle landing gear poluubirayuschimsya. There was also increased angle V-wing cross, but, despite a significant increase in weight, the aircraft still equipped with outdated radial engine M-11FR designer Shvetsova.

Problems with the power shortage were solved with the appearance of the Yak-1957A aircraft in 18, which was distinguished by the AI-14P engine designed by Ivchenko, which was closed by a new hood. In parallel with the modification of the Yak-18A, the single-seat flight modification Yak-18P was developed, the first of which took off in 1961. By this time, licensed production of a CO-5 aircraft was started in China, followed by improved CO-5 / 6 aircraft (the total number of the last aircraft was more than 1500 copies). The last modification, which got into the production of the company Yakovlev, was the four-seater aircraft Yak-18T, which appeared in 1967 year.



This aircraft had the layout of the pilots side by side, and the same scheme for passengers behind the pilot. Production of the initial training aircraft Yak-18 was stopped at the end of the year after delivery 1967 6760 aircraft, many of which were exported. Production of the Yak-18T lasted until the end of 1980-ies was built 1000 copies. An unexpected turn of events - from year 1993 Smolensk aircraft plant again started production of Yak-18T.

Basic data

dimensions (modification of the Yak-18A):

Length: 8,53 m

Wingspan: 10,6 m

Height: 3,35 m

The weight:

Empty: 1025 kg

Maximum takeoff: 1316 kg

Aircraft performance characteristics:

Maximum speed: 263 km / h

Flight range: 1015 km

Power point: M-11FR by designer Shvetsov (on Yak-18 / 18U), AI-14R by designer Ivchenko (on Yak-18A / 18P), AI-14RF by designer Ivchenko (on Yak-18PM / PS), M-14P by designer Vedeneev (on Yak -18T), Huosai 6A (licensed AI-14FR engine) by Zhuzhou SMPMC

Power: 160 l. from. (119 kW), 260 l. from. (193 kW), 300 l. from. (223 kW), 395 l. from. (294 kW) and 285 l. from. (213 kW), respectively

Date of first flight:


The surviving airworthy modifications: ЯК-18/18А/18У718ПМ/18Т, СЗ-5, СО-6 и С0-6А