Yakovlev Yak-ZUA. A photo. Characteristics.
Yakovlev Yak-ZUA. A photo. Characteristics.

Yakovlev Yak-ZUA. A photo. Characteristics.


the USSR

A type: single-engine fighter

Crew: One pilot

This is the second aircraft Yakovlev were designated Yak-3 (first with this name was closed in the autumn of the year 1941 because of the low reliability of the engine and the lack of suitable materials for the construction of the aircraft). The aircraft was built to meet the requirements of the Air Force to establish a maneuverable fighter with high performance at low altitudes. Fighter provided by the Soviet Air Force air superiority over the battlefield - like the fact that most of the time the German Air Force had on the Eastern Front.

Use a modified glider Yak-1M equipped with a reduced wing prototypes have been tested from February to October 1943 years, by which time a small pre-production batch of the aircraft was put into production in the State Aviation Plant (GAZ) 286 number in Kamensk-Uralsky. The Yak-3 remained in production until the beginning of the year 1946. By this time it was released 4848 aircraft.

Описание: https://web.archive.org/web/20150317084908im_/http:/avia.pro/sites/default/files/0451-04-1-2_0.jpg

In 1991 year between OKB. Yakovlev and the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica was a contract, which provided for the delivery of several newly built factory in Orenburg Yak-SCT using drawings, tooling, templates and tools during the war, but equipped with "Allison" American motor company - hence the designation of UA. A small amount of double Yak-11 with radial engines also converted into aircraft "Yak-Ellison SCT".

Basic data


Length: 8,49 m

Wingspan: 9,2 m

Height: 2,42 m


The weight:

Empty: 2105 kg

Maximum takeoff: 2550 kg


Aircraft performance characteristics:

Maximum speed: 655 km / h

Flight range: 900 km


Power point:

· "Allison" 2L Power: 1240 hp. from. (925,04 kW)


Date of first flight:

February 28, 1943 (initial) and July 1993 (Yak-ZUA aircraft)


The surviving airworthy modifications:

· Yak-ZUA (newly built in the OKB named after A.S. Yakovlev) and Yak-ZUA (Yak-11 aircraft equipped with an Allison 2L engine)