Coachman, do not ride horses!
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Coachman, do not ride horses!

Coachman, do not ride horses!

ABU DHABI, 20 Feb - RIA News.

Russian Helicopters Holding expects growth in demand for Ka-52 attack helicopters among foreign customers in the near future, company general director Andrei Boginsky told reporters on Monday at the IDEX-2017 weapon exhibition.

Coachman, do not drive horses! 2

"We see that interest in this helicopter is increasing from foreign customers, and we assume that orders for this car will only grow, because the car has a number of unique characteristics, it exists in the" ground "and" ship "variant," he said .

There is nothing unexpected in the fact that “interest in this helicopter is growing from foreign customers”, because today it is the best combat helicopter in the world. But I am confused by the possible unpredictability of such a process: are there any guarantees that in the future this very menacing with powerful weapons and highly maneuverable helicopter will not be in the enemy camp? I believe that the general director of the holding A. Boginsky should once again think well of it according to the saying: “Measure seven times - cut one”.

“For us in the conditions of unfriendly environment, certain external and internal difficulties, national security is the most important condition. First of all, these are issues of military and technological security, the possibility of providing our army with competitive means of struggle, ”said Vladimir Gutenev, vice-president of Soyuzmash. It is no secret that our borders are surrounded by NATO troops and continue to grow both in technology and in personnel, particularly in the Baltic States! And we know very well that it’s just that - even Chiry doesn’t jump!

I suppose, in the matter of export, the replacement of the Ka-52 helicopter could be the Mi-28HM ready for serial production. Russian Deputy Minister of Defense Yury Borisov: “Mi-28HM has all the advantages of a helicopter that is in demand in the market today. Tests at the finish now "(Armed forces will receive a" helicopter of the future "by 2018 year. POLITRUSSIA10 August 2016).

Coachman, do not drive horses! 3

So, according to A.Mikheev, this “perfect combat vehicle” should be exported, and our army aviation should be equipped only with Ka-52 and Ka-50 helicopters, for the combat pair: the leading Ka-52 and the driven Ka-50 Better today, and in the near future - not foreseen!

The differences in the technique of piloting coaxial helicopters and the classical scheme told military pilot Ka -27: “I got acquainted with this helicopter at the end of distant 80's, when I served in the Syzransky Air Force Academy. Our 484 training and helicopter regiment had a mixed composition, and it included three squadrons of the Mi-24 and one Ka-27PL. Kamov machines were used to train future pilots of naval aviation. On flights, this car was strikingly different from my usual Mi-8 and Mi-24. Helicopters differed not only constructively, but also by their behavior in the air, especially at low speeds.

A strong, gusty sideways wind when you approach the landing feel skin, especially on Mi-24. The helicopter, like a weathervane, constantly wants to turn in the wind, resists control. Hold the point of hovering with a gusty sidewind is difficult, Mi-24 with every impulse "gets on its heels." As for Ka-27, there is a feeling that he simply does not notice the wind. In the hovering mode with strong gusts it turns like a whirl on its point, but it does not leave the set point. And a huge help to the pilot at this moment is provided by the onboard flight-navigation complex (PNK), and, of course, the constructive scheme of the helicopter itself plays an important role.

The Ka-27 helicopter is built according to a twin-screw coaxial scheme, with two TV3-117ВК gas turbine engines and a four-bearing chassis. The coaxial scheme without a tail rotor on the basis of the helicopter’s design gave the vehicle increased maneuverability, increased flight safety from ships and gave the helicopter maximum compactness. The latter is especially important for carrier-based aircraft. ”

Coachman, do not drive horses! 4

It is not difficult to guess that in the front part of the Ka-32-10AG is clearly preferable to the Mi-171A2, which is transported by 1,5. less, but the main thing is very dangerous when maneuvering near the ground, which is especially dangerous when landing and removing wounded soldiers. And it is strange that with the launch of the series, the Government of the Russian Federation has received the contrary!

But who, if not the commander-in-chief of the VKS, Colonel-General V. Bondarev, should take care of his pilots, and not least of the crews of helicopter gunships, which directly affects the successful fulfillment of combat missions, and therefore the guaranteed protection of our Motherland!

Repeat traveled.

“A new lightweight helicopter is being developed in Russia, whose mass production will begin in 2020-2021. The announcement of this was published on the website of the Corporation "Helicopters of Russia" on Wednesday, 15 March. “For the holding“ Helicopters of Russia ”this is a new market segment, therefore we have several tasks ahead of us. First, create a product that is attractive for both commercial customers and personal use. Secondly, to enter new markets for us, including Europe and the United States, through helicopter certification in these countries, ”the statement reads the words of Andrei Bohinsky, the CEO of the holding. "Helicopters of Russia" is not enough in the program of a light commercial vehicle. The technical design of the helicopter is currently being developed. In the 2017 year, it is planned to submit an application for certification of the machine. The helicopter is performed according to a coaxial rotor arrangement. The maximum take-off weight will be about 1600 kilograms, the range - 760 kilometers. Load - 730 kilograms or five people on board. The cruising speed of the 230 vehicle is kilometers per hour, and the ceiling is over six kilometers. ”

It is surprising that the JSC Kamov has long had such a helicopter: Ka-115, which fully complies with these requirements, but the general director of the holding A. Boginsky: “The technical design of the helicopter is currently being developed. In the 2017 year, it is planned to submit an application for certification of the machine. The helicopter is executed according to a coaxial rotor arrangement. ”

Here is this helicopter, to which JSC “Helicopters of Russia” “is developing a technical project”.

Coachman, do not drive horses! 1

“The helicopter meets international standards for reliability, resource, flight safety, and comfortable conditions for the pilot and passengers. FIRST FLIGHT is expected in 1999!

The new design of the coaxial rotor transmission with reduced vibration and noise, sound-proof cabin interior lining provide comfort in it at the level of the automobile.

Vitalii Belyaev

You can not sell new military equipment. It's proved with a sniper rifle. Naturally, the enemy will want to acquire it and then ... both morally and physically, ours will carry the damage. Who needs death from their weapons ?!

Even Americans admit that the traditional scheme has outlived its usefulness, the future of the coaxial! All of their advanced development coaxial! Poor that our time does not have patented this scheme :(

In fact, the patent in such cases does not save, if you do not for export, but for yourself. However, especially brazen guys like the Chinese are not shy and "whole-purpose" technology to export ...



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