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Arctic and helicopters

Arctic and helicopters

Aviation began to explore the North at the dawn of the Soviet regime: “Do you know what the cultural revolution in the North is? This is Soviet power plus aviation. ” Today, aviation has reached the Arctic. Scientists say that it will get warmer, and motor ships will go along the Arctic Ocean, while the path to Europe through it will be much shorter than through the Suez Canal. But the main thing is that in the Arctic we are waiting for deposits of natural resources, in particular oil. That's just those wealthy people from other states who have declared themselves especially zealous of the USA. Our President is a tactful person and probably politely refused them: “Don’t open your mouth to another loaf!” For which Soviet military bases have already been restored there, ready “for work and defense” and the Arctic military icebreaker “Ivan Papanin” has been launched. Maintenance of these bases is assigned to Aviation and, first of all, to HELICOPTERS!

“In anticipation of the onset of cold climatic conditions in the Arctic zone of responsibility of the Eastern military district, the crews of the Mi-26 and Mi-8AMTSh helicopters of the district’s army aviation carried out activities for the delivery of goods to remote garrisons.

Since the beginning of the year, military pilots have delivered more than 5 thousand tons of cargo for various purposes to remote BBO garrisons in Anadyr, on Wrangel Island and Cape Schmidt.

Also, the flight crew performs activities for the rotation of military personnel on combat duty in the units of the district deployed in the Arctic zone.

In addition, classes are constantly held with pilots to improve flight skills, as flight routes pass through a number of large mountain passes with difficult climatic conditions, in particular low temperatures and strong winds. ” (October 1 2019, AEX.RU).

And how can one not recall Sergei Sikorsky from the USA, who, after the flight of the B-12 helicopter, predicted:

“This helicopter is one of a kind and will be used to perform unique operations. I mean expeditions to the Arctic regions or the search for oil fields. "The helicopter will replace the railroad where the human foot has not yet set foot."

Alas, his forecast was not destined to come true, because after the death of the outstanding designer M.L. Mile instead of the B-12, a less load-carrying but more expensive Mi-26 was launched into the series. The helicopter is technically perfect, but according to an outdated classic design, hence it is unprofitable in comparison with the B-12.

For example, in winter, our helicopters had to work on the Bureya River of the Far East: “Their task was to deliver specialists (about 130 people) to the Bureyskoye Reservoir, rear equipment and special engineering equipment.

Military pilots carried out a unique operation to deliver a caterpillar bulldozer to clear the rubble near the Bureya River. A vehicle weighing about 20 tons was transported by Mi-26 helicopter. The difficulty was that the helicopter had to be refueled for one-way flight only — otherwise, he would NOT be able to lift such a heavy load ”(25 of January 2019 News).

Those. the first flight on the Mi-26 brought fuel for themselves on the return trip, and the second flight - a bulldozer. Distance = 300km The B-12 was capable of transporting this bulldozer in one flight, and the flight hour of the B-12 at that time was two times cheaper than the Mi-26 helicopter. So estimate the loss incurred by the economy of the State by transporting only a caterpillar bulldozer with a Mi-26 helicopter instead of a B-12?

The need has long been ripe for replacing the Mi-26 with a cross-section helicopter, but the Kremlin continues to admire that this ruinous Mi-26 for the state treasury is the largest of the tailed ones! Let me remind you that of the heavy helicopters, the largest, most load-bearing and ECONOMICALLY the most profitable was and remains the Mi-12 (B-12).

The fact is that the general designers of the cost center from the 1980 year on with the tacit consent of the President have complete stagnation when instead of new helicopters they have another Mi-8 tuning: “A car with a superior cabin will be demonstrated at a static exposition, and will also take part in Dubai Airshow International Air Show Flight Program 2019.14 November 2019 g. " Since the 80s of the last century, they only know that old helicopters are being refreshed, but there is no way to make a modern helicopter out of junk, so the refreshed Mi-8, even with more powerful engines, blows a gust of wind from the parking lot when landing. That is how last spring in Chechnya demolished the border Mi-8 along with paratroopers in the gorge. Catastrophe!

As well as blowing them away in the Arctic: "According to preliminary information, at the time of landing, due to a lateral gust of wind, the aircraft tipped and fell over on its side.", - noted in the press service. (The wind capsized the helicopter when landing on the archipelago ...

Blows off a classic helicopter on ships: “A helicopter of the Italian Navy crashed while landing on the deck of a destroyer. It should be clarified that according to some sources, when approaching, the helicopter lost control due to a powerful gust of wind, as a result of which the rotorcraft began to tumble to its side, after which it hit the destroyer deck. "How much damage the Italian military destroyer could have received is not reported, however, judging by the photographs presented, the deck of the warship also suffered severe damage." (/ 2019-11-07).

But the coaxial helicopters confidently resist the gusty wind: “As for the Ka-27, there is a feeling that it simply does not notice the wind. In the hovering mode with strong gusts, it spins like a yule at its tip, but does not leave the given point. Moreover, the pilot’s on-board navigation and navigation complex (PNK) is of great help at this moment, and of course, the helicopter’s design itself plays a big role ”(military pilot Dmitry Drozdenko tells Zvezda).

D. Drozdenko flew on the Mi-24, Mi-8 and Ka-27, on the basis of which the Ka-32-10 helicopter will be built. His opinion about the Ka-27: “Currently, more than 80 Ka-27 helicopters are in the Russian Navy. The helicopter itself is GREAT like a car. ” A pilot's assessment is expensive!

It is very strange that the President and the government do not reckon with the opinion of the pilots and ignore the unique qualities of coaxial helicopters and their high energy power, especially in demand when flying in the mountains, the Arctic and the Arctic. It is unclear what such a need makes instead of the outstanding Ka-50 / 52 in a series to drive consumer goods with tail screws from the Stone Age, hiding behind beautiful posters: “Unkillable ... Mi-24”; “Mi-8 - Kalashnikov assault rifle”; "Mi-26 Helicopter - A company of soldiers in one flight."

A company of soldiers is not a battalion that a B-12 could take in one sortie. On this helicopter M.L. Miles later planned to install 2 engines with a capacity of 20 hp each. Of course, there is no point in restoring the V-000 with the rotors from the Mi-12, since for the V-26 the thrust they give out due to the smaller diameter is not sufficient. But according to its scheme and on the basis of the Mi-12, it is possible to create a modern transverse helicopter with 26 D-4 engines, taking advantage of the experience of building the Mi-136 helicopter:

“In the struggle for weighty excellence, the designs did not lag behind their colleagues and the developers of the fuselage of the world's largest single-rotor helicopter. A new approach to the tasks of ensuring its rigidity and strength allowed Milevtsy to keep within the weight limits of the Mi-6, while at the same time achieving a two-fold increase in permissible loads on power elements and the cargo compartment volume ” (Miles Mi-26

It will be a helicopter, which in size will take place between the B-12 and Mi-26, but in terms of carrying capacity it will surpass the B-12. And these engines today have not lost their significance, especially in conjunction with the rotor of the Mi-26 helicopter, but they are able to show their unique qualities only on a B-12 helicopter, but not on the Mi-26.

How can a helicopter based on Mi-26 (similar to a B-12 based on Mi-6) be more economical than two Mi-26?

The cargo will be transported more, and cost less, because:

  1. There will not be two tail beams, each of which has an 2 gear (intermediate and tail).
  2. There will be no two expensive tail rotors.
  3. Tail beams with screws in addition to high cost are also very heavy.
  4. From the tail rotor each rotor will receive additional power at 10%, which will increase the useful load of the helicopter.


10% engine power in payload size:

  1. Engine take-off power D-136 = 10 000l.s., or 10% = 1000l.s.
  2. Main rotor on 1.s. gives traction: 49 000kg. : 20 000.s. = 2,45kg

and translate to traction N.V.

2,45kg x 1000.s. (10%) = 2450kg or in total on the 2 propeller additional thrust (payload) of the helicopter: 2450kg. x 2 = 4900kg or ~ 5

Not a small profit for the State will be the fact that with this project the General Cost Center will put an end to its parasitism on the basis of ML Mile, and the fact that such a helicopter will be created in the future - there can be no doubt, and if not by these designers, then the next MANDATORY, because B-12 was born for the Arctic, for which there is the future!

And back to the realities of the future of coaxial helicopters:

“One of the bleak results of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Radiy Khabirov was a statement of the dying state of the Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise (KumAPP). If the enterprise itself, with our help, does not look for sales markets, it will become more difficult for us to develop ”- said Khabirov subordinates upon arrival from Moscow.

To flourish the KumAPP plant, if the Kremlin hadn’t put a “stick in the wheel” of the Ka-32-10 helicopter to produce it in a series.

“... said the general director of the designer of the company“ Kuamov ”S. Mikheev. According to him, the new helicopter can be developed, certified and put into serial production at the Kumertausky aircraft plant over the next three years.

“It has an extended cabin designed for the 24 passenger. The carrying capacity of the Ka-32-10 inside the fuselage is 4 tons, and on the external sling - 7 tons. A new machine will be offered to customers at the price of 3,8-4,5 million dollars " (Source: AVN News Agency Published: 07.06.2001).

Helicopter Ka-32-10AG

But today, customers behind this helicopter would have stood in line from both our operators and the foreign market. The fact is that this helicopter, with its high flight characteristics, is safer and cheaper than the Mi-8. The Ka-27 helicopter, on the basis of which the Ka-32 was built, is purely naval, therefore the height of its cargo compartment = 1,4m, hence there is too little demand for it, moreover, government managers managed to overcharge it:

 “... after the corporation KumAPP was corporatized and the control was relocated to Moscow, the sale price of the Ka-32А11ВС helicopter increased by 1.5 TIMES» (Nov. 5, 2012. On the elimination of the production of helicopters coaxial scheme).

 What a fright?

 And when the Ka-226 helicopter built at KumAPP won the international tender, its assembly for India was handed over to the aircraft factory in Ulan-Ude, which indicates the planned liquidation of factories for the production of unique coaxial helicopters. At the same time, workers are being cut off at a factory in Arsenyev, where the world's best Ka-52 combat helicopters are manufactured, due to the lack of orders for them: by order of President V.V. Putin will be delivered to the troops only by Mi-28НМ.

And the essence of the closure of the factories for the production of helicopters "Ka" voiced the governor of the region: “The Primorsky authorities, in particular the governor Oleg Kozhemyako, propose to arrange assembly of the Canadian company’s aircraft at the aircraft factory” (It’s hard for the people, there’s no work. Primorsky authorities ...

It’s not necessary to go further to a fortuneteller: the production of modern coaxial helicopters ceases to free up plant space for screwdriver assembly of foreign aircraft!

And this despite the fact that “The need for helicopters in the world is growing. According to various estimates, in the medium term, about 4-4,5 thousand helicopters will be purchased in the world, their total fleet in the world can exceed 40 thousand units, and these are only civilian helicopters for various purposes ”. (“MAX-2019” showed the Kazan helicopter to Erdogan and a flat corkscrew to Bashkortostan ( ›articles).

In 2001, the government abandoned the Ka-32-10 helicopter, and today it has already abandoned the Ka-52 helicopters, which even the Chinese admire for their combat capabilities:

“So for those who are not in the know, today Russia is modernizing the Ka -52 Alligator attack and reconnaissance helicopter, the purpose of which is to replace a number of systems and complexes of avionics, navigation and armaments with helicopters with new models. Which will significantly expand the functions and capabilities of our helicopter both in the range of detection and identification of targets, and in shock capabilities with an increased range of destruction!

As previously reported in a number of media, the new capabilities of the helicopter will allow you to scan space in the radius of 600 kilometers, pinpoint, identify and hit targets in the radius from 45 to 150 kilometers, which bypasses the American helicopter in all respects making it not even the second, but most likely 3 or 4 helicopter in the world.

What aroused the admiration of the authors of the Chinese edition of "Sohu" which published material dedicated to our helicopter!

In general, you can't really name the material, since the authors of a larger number are simply surprised by the new capabilities of our helicopter, while at the same time they were delighted with the unexpected result stating that our helicopter is faster, stronger, longer-range and more technologically advanced than the American Apache According to the authors, for a long time, he held the position of a leader in the field of attack helicopters, and now with the appearance of the modernized Ka-52 in Russia, the status of the American helicopter as the best has simply disappeared, since all the parameters of our helicopter are so GOOD that the gap between the Ka 52 and AH -64, so GREAT where the US needs to create either a new one, or catch up with Russia by modernizing its helicopter! " (As China appreciated the modernized Russian Ka-52M helicopter.

The Chinese were able to appreciate the high combat qualities of the Ka-52 helicopters, and the President of Russia is still somehow unaware that this helicopter is the best in the world in all flight characteristics! Apparently V.V. Putin is out of date from government loads, like Milevsky helicopters, so he pities them, prolonging their senile life and replacing them with the outstanding coaxial helicopters from the Kamov Design Bureau! Defend the Fatherland in V.O.V. began to become obsolete I-16, although even then, the best I-181 fighter in the world was ready before the war. Today, government liberals repeat the story, but with helicopters.

And a very convincing comment by Oleg Potapov from Yandex Zen.

“I participated in the tests of this machine (Ka-50) complete with weapons. What flaws were not sought in him! About the "collapse" of the screws. test pilot Laryushin died on this machine when the screws “collapsed” at the time of preparation for the next “show”, organized by the KB Mil creature in the Air Force headquarters. The Commander-in-Chief Kutakhov, who made the decision to launch Ka-50, was in a hospital bed, and his replacement clerk took advantage of the situation and demanded the show personally for himself to make a new decision. They tried to squeeze everything out of an unplanned car, and so they played games of hardware. And this defect was easily eliminated by spreading the screws vertically by the required amount.

Now about the main thing. The second pilot seat weighs 400 kg. Reducer of power transmission to the tail rotor 90 kg, and from 3 pcs. Shafts in the tail boom, tail rotor, sufficiently reinforced tail boom design - another 400 kg. Total - the difference in the structural mass of helicopters with the same power plant - more than a ton. This weight in the Ka-50 is used for booking, weapons and fuel. Booking in Mi-28 only on paper against bullets of a heavy machine gun. It makes its way from fairly large distances.

Here’s the creature of Mil and the thesis of the impossibility of controlling a flight and using weapons with one pilot was pushed through. How so! a Su-25 pilot can, but a helicopter pilot can’t. And they forced Kamovtsev to change the concept of using weapons. Although the “Flurry” (sighting and navigation system) did just fine, implementing the concept of “fired - forgot” for all weapons on board. But the 2 pilot (pilot and navigator) when using weapons must agree among themselves. One pilot takes 0,5 seconds to make a decision, and two to 20 seconds, they need to agree: "Vasya, Vasya, turn left 15." What is 20 seconds in modern combat, no need to explain.

Thus, with hardware games, they reduced the combat effectiveness of the front-line helicopter, removing the Ka-50 from the troops and replacing it with the Ka-52 only so that their Mi-28 was somehow competitive.

Such games must be suppressed in a cruel way. Defense - this is not a loot to cut. This is the lives of thousands of soldiers and the sovereignty of the country! ”

By the way, the Mi-28 and for the Ka-52 are the same "competitor" as the helicopter of the "future" Mi-24LL for the real high-speed combat helicopter S.V. Mikheev?

According to this logic, the next project should be a hypersonic aircraft based on N.E. Mozhaysky - it will be even cooler than a high-speed helicopter from the cost center based on Mi-24!


Vitaly Belyaev, especially for

The article contains a lot of information, sometimes fragmented and very emotional. And as a tribute to fashion, this is a claim to the government. In these cases, I always want to remind you that every nation deserves its own government.
But, thanks for the critical comments and the desire to get this whole mess out.
But there is one more "but" - everyone is on top and so they know about everything

Where does such love for the B-12 come from the 60s and hatred for the Mi-26, a helicopter recognized around the world?

The answer is: the V-12 and Mi-26 are almost the same age, but the V-12 was then 2 times cheaper = on, and the cargo was transported 1/3 more than the Mi-26 helicopter.
I strongly suggest that the general cost center on the basis of the Mi-26 build a cross-section helicopter, then this helicopter would definitely be the genus of today. But modern generals for almost 40 years of parasitism on the achievements of the outstanding M.L. Miles lost the ability to build new helicopters. Alas!


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