Why do flight attendants love an aircraft engine?
Why do flight attendants love an aircraft engine?

But the inspection should pay attention to walking on the engine casing on heels - a gross violation of the rules for operating the aircraft that affect flight safety.

It's simple))), for the power.

Vibration generated by the gas turbine engine.

:-) for a large diameter.

I would be in heaven!

Duck from them rushing kerosene

It is clear why - the engine has more. Outside and inside.

and what is it allowed to fly in pantyhose today?

Well, you fly, and why can't they?

How can you not love him?
It is he who satisfies their ... material needs

There is an anecdote where girls choose a guy by shoe size, apparently this is for the correct choice of a girl to suit their tastes !!

And why is it interesting? Is it their mania for one particular engine or for a whole group ???

And what, it is interesting FOR WHAT? And, you probably do not go to the store, but TO the store?

It is very simple while the engines are spinning the money is muddled. Payment stops as the engines are turned off.

Another literate. No punctuation marks, no spelling.


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