For some time to come to the airport
For some time to come to the airport

For some time to come to the airport

Many tourists when planning their trip are interested in the question of what time to arrive at the airport? First of all, it depends on many factors such as the place where you want to fly, the presence of luggage, holiday season right now or not, etc. We need to remember one thing, you need to get out to the airport with sufficient time.

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For how many hours before the departure of the flight is necessary to arrive at the airport?

You must arrive at the airport before registration begins. Usually this should be done a few hours before departure. If you have a ticket for an international flight, then it's better to arrive for 2,5-3 hours before the flight departure. For landing on board, making an internal flight, you can come for 2 hours before departure. Late for the flight is impossible. For 40 minutes before the departure of the aircraft, the flight registration ends. Travelers who fly not for the first time, know the amount of time that will have to spend on the passage of all formalities. If you are on the airliner for the first time, then you should come to the airport as early as possible, because you will have to orient yourself in the work of the terminal zones, understand where you need to go to check-in and where to take your baggage. This can take a lot of time.

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Why do we recommend arriving at the airport with the lead time?

The reasons why should arrive at the airport in advance allotted time, it is possible to list a few. In addition to registering the additional time may be required to undergo inspection, packing luggage, visit the duty-free shops, and so on. It is necessary to take into account the time that the airport will have to undergo several screening stages.

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Upon arrival at the airport, first of all, you need to go through inspection of the security service. Airport staff check whether the passenger does not carry prohibited goods and substances in hand baggage and luggage. In order not to waste time on the inspection, be sure to check the list of prohibited and permitted items to be carried in the aircraft. At the entrance to the airport you need to go through a metal detector. It usually takes a few minutes, but during peak hours in front of a queue can.

To make an international flight passengers must first pass through customs, then registration and passport and visa control. It is clear that the passage of these procedures require a certain time. Therefore, you should never rely on the fact that the queue will be small, and everything goes fast.

Registration of passengers

Taking care of a timely arrival at the airport and recommended for those tourists who bought tickets to the travel agency. Tickets are often issued at the airport before check-in, and get a boarding document on your flight, it is necessary first to find the rack of his tour.

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In advance you need to come to the airport and those who want to get good neighboring places on board the ship. If you arrive after the start of registration, then even the couple can get seats on different rows of the aircraft. The same applies to companies that prefer to fly together. To sit in the adjacent seats, it is recommended to arrive a few hours before check-in. Specify more exact time in administration of the airport. It is possible to check in one day before the departure of the flight, and not to arrive at it just before the departure. However, this possibility is not always and is not offered on all flights. Therefore, most often to arrive at the airport should be a few hours before departure. If there are any complicating factors, for example, unusual baggage, transportation of animals, it is better to have even more time to get everything in time.