Over the clouds - the sky (1973).
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Over the clouds - the sky (1973).

Over the clouds - the sky (1973).


  • Country USSR.
  • Directed by Yuri Yegorov.
  • Starring: Gennady Sayfulin, Sergey Nikonenko, Igor Yasulovich, Larisa Malevannaya



The postwar period was very hard for the test pilots, especially when, after the screw machines they had to change to the new jets, which were to become the first foundation in the Air Force in future years.



The plot of the film is based on the problems that have arisen before the first pilot jets, and everything keeps on congestion and danger every second - the sky is so much attracts everyone.



New aircraft, dangerous trials huge overload, the risk of death - all this is reflected in the film, dedicated primarily pilots testers who so bravely sat behind the wheel of the aircraft in order to once again check the machine before its serial production.



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