Riddle MH370. New circumstances of the disaster and the search for the crash site.
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Riddle MH370. New circumstances of the disaster and the search for the crash site.

Riddle MH370. New circumstances of the disaster and the search for the crash site.


It would seem that when it is almost all hope of finding the lost one and a half years ago, the company's passenger airliner "Malaysia Airlines"Left, unexpectedly, on the coast of the French island of Reunion, washed part of the wing of the aircraft itself, that only warmed the debate about whether to continue the search of disappeared aircraft.



Experts from the 100% certainty say that the flap on the right wing airliner belongs flight MH370, disappeared from the radar of air traffic controllers in March 8 2014 years. Around the detected fragments have a number of new theories about what might happen to the flight and all on board were passengers.



According to the first studies carried out, it was found that the flap received practically no damage, which in turn indicates that most likely a passenger aircraft could fall apart into components long before hitting the water, which in turn implies several possible theories at once - act of terrorism, destruction of an aircraft by air defense, destruction of the aircraft structure, etc. Nevertheless, some of these theories have already been greatly questioned, in particular, if the cause of the disaster was a terrorist act or the destruction of the plane (accidental or deliberate) by air defense systems took place, then most of the debris would most likely remain on the surface of the ocean. At present, the most interesting version for consideration is the version of the aircraft hitting a zone of strong turbulence or a storm, which could lead to the separation of the flap from the wing. Nevertheless, before the discovery of the aircraft itself, or any other parts of its fuselage, it is extremely early to declare any official causes of the crash.



Literally within 24 hours after the information that the flap is found on the coast of the island of Reunion owned airliner Boeing 777, Experts said that, taking into account the prevailing currents in the Indian Ocean, it will be possible to establish more or less accurately the crash site of a passenger airliner, however, this has been much questioned. The problematic establishment of the exact location of the crash of the passenger flight MH370 is mainly that the fragment could be brought by one of the three local currents, and in this case the estimated search zone is at least 400 thousand square kilometers, and the fragment could have been brought with equal probability as from northern, southern or eastern part of the ocean. It is not excluded that if in the near future fragments such as those found can be found on other islands of the Indian Ocean, the zone of search for the crash site can be reduced by 5-7 times, however, until this point, or clarification of other circumstances, the disappearance of the MH370 flight and It remains one of the great mysteries.


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