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The regular retribution for the death of compatriots

The regular retribution for the death of compatriots


Today, all the news channels have been reported to a regular Russian retaliation notorious militants LIH.

All news only that the Russian VKS hit positions and weapons storage sites LIH our long-range bombers. With air bases in Mozdok and Engelsa up our heavy bombers Tu-95MS, Tu-22M3, Tu-160... Despite the difficult weather conditions at the departure bases, strategic bombers, by order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, took off and carried out their tasks. In response to the terrorist attacks in Paris, French aircraft intensified their actions. Apparently this was not enough. And as far as analysts of the federal portal can judge, despite all the opposition from America, our videoconferencing nevertheless decided to work on warning.

Let Europe is proud of its tolerance, but our aircraft very well know the purpose for which it is necessary to work after the attacks took place in the Old World.

It seems to me that, finally, for the first time in the Present Time, Russia will show all the might of the old Tu-95MS, over which the whole West was laughing, and the new Tu-160 in real combat operations. And let the media outlets in Europe or America, about the "old men" in the sky, the bomb stock and missile weapons make it possible to inflict a pinpoint strike, without affecting the infrastructure of towns and villages in Syria. What can not boast of the latest American aircraft. For more than two years, the Americans have been trying to control the airspace of the Middle East. And what is the result? Probably, the Russian High Command is seriously pissed off, if the trump cards in the form of ADD went to play.

It is difficult to judge the effectiveness of our long-range aviation for our only news, but it is encouraging to note that at last the helm of our guys Tu can really work what years accumulating. Correct position of the country's leadership, against the force can only act in force. In a blow to answer blow. It has become a tradition since ancient times. Do not we have come up with the attacks. Do not we Muslims are eager to carry out the lives of innocent people in their invented paradise.

I hope that our airstrikes chine and militants, and countries that condone or connive LIH and their ilk.

Clear skies to all of us, and soft landings.


Valery Smirnov specifically for


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"We did not invent the terrorist attacks"
Who? :) What did the fighters against the bloody tsarist regime of the second half of the 19th century do?

Hey garage! And where in the image the US strategic bomber? What's Tu-160 photo was not found in the neighborhood? Therefore, you are called zhurnalazhniki because of the type of mistakes.

So our aircraft bombed those who want to fight and die, but the terrorists kill civilians. Unequal exchange. To avoid teratak, you need all the Islamic terrorists to kill, but this is impossible. It is more important to block funding to create the conditions for a mass rejection of terror, and to finish radicals, as was done in Chechnya. Hopefully, this way and carried out, and the bombing - for lifting of patriotism.


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