"Closed Egypt": risks and measures.
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"Closed Egypt": risks and measures.

"Closed Egypt": risks and measures.


A decree signed by the President of the Russian Federation prohibiting Russian airlines to carry out flights to Egypt has brought domestic airlines, as well as tens of thousands of tourists, big problems, in particular, airlines will miss a profit of several tens of millions of rubles, and Russian tourists will have to look for new countries to conduct their vacations. Experts assess the measures taken in different ways, while some of them fully support the temporary ban on flights to Egypt, while other experts believe that the ban is unreasonable and will bring much more problems.



According to sociological polls, the majority of Russians consider it wrong to create a ban on the flights of domestic air carriers to Egypt, and this is mainly due to the fact that, in fact, due to the lack of flights to the country in which the crash occurred, the risk of possible terrorist Attacks will by no means diminish. Specialists also adhere to this version, noting the fact that radical Islamists are also quite numerous in other countries on the territory of which Russian tourists prefer to rest, in particular, this includes Turkey, however, flights to this country are by no means stopped, but rather only increases Their frequency due to the fact that the Russians reissue their travel packages from Egypt.

Among other things, it is currently not possible to establish the true reasons for the collapse of the airliner of "Kogalymavia" and therefore put forward the version of the terrorist attack, without any evidence, are the usual theories, but in reality, become the cause of the accident could and other circumstances.



Nevertheless, there were also those specialists who believe that the measures introduced in urgent order are fully justified, in particular, experts note that this kind of insurance, even if it will inflict some financial damage to domestic air carriers, ultimately, it will get rid of the risk Repetition of the tragedy, if the speech is still about a terrorist attack. However, experts on these issues note that the correctness of the measures will be present only if the ban on flights to Egypt touches an extremely short time interval, and given that the investigation of the plane crash can last six months, a year or even more, such Measures will bring exceptional harm.



Editorial Portal Avia.pro of the opinion that the ban on flights to Egypt is unnecessary, at least if we are talking about more than a month's break in air communication with the country. In such a situation much more effective would be a tightening of controls in Egyptian airports, and, this applies to the screening of passengers and personnel air harbor, especially if we are talking about the fact that the explosive device could be Once, at the side of the aircraft radicals are Airport employees.

Development of effective measures will not only minimize the problem of air traffic termination with Egypt, but also inherently give a real chance to ensure the safety of air travel.


Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for Avia.pro