Closed season. What to expect from the termination of flights to Turkey?
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Closed season. What to expect from the termination of flights to Turkey?

Closed season. What to expect from the termination of flights to Turkey?


After a cynical act of destruction of the Russian bomber Su-24 in the skies over Syria, Russia and Turkey seriously strained relations on almost all counts, whether political, economic or other interaction. In addition, on the likely beginning of next week the Russian air carriers, as well as the Turkish, will not be allowed to carry out flights between the two countries, which is naturally a serious blow not only for the Turkish sphere of leisure tourism, but also for domestic carriers.



According to some assumptions, Turkish Airlines will officially prohibit passenger flights to Russia next week, while the Turkish air carrier risks losing its passenger turnover to 50%, which will naturally have a negative impact on its operations. Currently, the "Turkish Airlines" airline carries 46 regular flights to Russia, surpassing all other air carriers operating between the two countries, and the loss of passengers will cost the Turkish flagship airline quite expensive. In addition, as experts suggest, if the flight, after a terrible airbus accident, Airbus A321, was supposed to be canceled temporarily in Egypt, then it is worth assuming that the abolition of air communication between Russia and Turkey will be very long-lasting, according to some estimates, from 2 to 4.



Nevertheless, it is necessary to clarify that domestic air carriers will suffer no less from the ban on flights, since only the largest Russian airline Aeroflot makes 39 regular flights in this direction, and since we are talking about the cancellation of all flights, it should be assumed that domestic aviation will also suffer significant damage. However, some Russian experts believe that in such a situation, with the correct and qualified approach, rest in Turkey can be replaced by rest in other countries - the Asian region, in particular China, Thailand and Vietnam, are by no means less popular with Russian tourists, and with ensuring the proper quality of services, selling tickets at reasonable prices, the consequences for Russian aviation will be minimized, while the Turkish air carrier will have nowhere to take its customers.



Among other things, there is also evidence that among the Russian tourists will certainly appear, and those who are not ready to exchange holiday in Turkey to resorts from other countries, which in turn will lead to fly in this country from other countries in the immediate vicinity of the Russia, in particular, this includes Belarus, Ukraine, and the Baltic countries, where it will be possible to fly on holiday to Turkey.

In addition, it should be noted that to date the information on the abolition of air links with Turkey is now officially announced was not, because there is a possibility that the interaction in the field of civil aviation and passenger traffic with this country could continue, albeit at a low confidence relations.


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