Zala Aero ZALA 421-04
Zala Aero ZALA 421-04

Zala Aero ZALA 421-04

ZALA 421-04 - lightweight UAV, designed for operations in the Russian Interior Ministry.

UAV is simple to operate and can solve a variety of tasks (reception and transmission of data, identification of explosive devices, determination of the amount of damage, the review-horizon, oil spill detection, border control, dropping a small cargo, air video and photography, power line inspection, etc. .d.).

The transition between control modes or the replacement of a flight task can be made directly during the flight. The UAV is connected to the ground station for controlling the information transmission and control channel, thanks to which it is possible to control the device from a distance and carry out the assigned tasks in automatic mode. The ZALA 421-04 model is equipped with a built-in color stabilized video camera with the ability to smoothly adjust the width of the field of view. Using the on-board equipment, it is possible to determine such flight parameters of the UAV as height, wind direction and speed, position in space and coordinates. Whip antenna allows you to control the drone at a distance of 15 km. 

Zala Aero ZALA 421-04. Characteristics:

Modification   Zala 421-04
Wingspan, m   2.23
Length m   1.05
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   7.90
engine's type   1 AP
Power, hp   X 1 20
Maximum speed km / h   130
Cruising speed, km / h   70
Radius of action, km   40
Flight duration, h   1.5
Practical ceiling, m   3000


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