Replacing Egypt and Turkey: where to go for a vacation to Russian citizens?
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Replacing Egypt and Turkey: where to go for a vacation to Russian citizens?

Replacing Egypt and Turkey: where to go for a vacation to Russian citizens?


The summer vacation season is still far enough away, however, the citizens of the Russian Federation are beginning to sound the alarm about where it would be better for them to spend their summer holidays and vacations. This is mainly due to the fact that air travel for Russian air carriers to Egypt is officially prohibited, and Turkey, after the incident with a Russian bomber, no longer attracts citizens. Nevertheless, the specialists of the information resource have prepared some material about where domestic airlines will fly, providing no less effective summer vacations, in connection with which, it should be assumed that next year, domestic air carriers will not only expand the number of flights to previously unpopular countries, but in fact can open air traffic to a number of new route air routes.


Crossing Europe



Most likely it can be argued that Russian airlines greatly increase the number of its flights to the European countries, mainly located in the southern part and having access to the sea. This should include Spain, France, Portugal and Italy, and, according to some opinions of experts, the number of flights to these countries can be increased Russian flights shedule on 15-20% in comparison with the current year, however, a fundamental factor of this is the demand of the passengers themselves.



A weighty question may arise as to why the proposed list is so limited, however, there are also nuances, mainly determined by the current state of affairs, in particular because of economic problems in Greece, rest for Russian tourists here can be very costly, And therefore, it is logical to assume that flights here will be very problematic. Flights to Cyprus are also unlikely to be popular with Russian tourists, and this is due to the immediate proximity of the island from Syria, where, as is known, the armed Islamists of IGIL are very much at risk. The rest of the European countries, where there is a very warm climate, do not represent a great interest for Russian citizens, and therefore, it is to be assumed that the volumes of passenger traffic here will remain unchanged.


unexplored Asia


With the exception of European countries, it is expected that passenger traffic will increase in the direction of the countries of South-East Asia, in particular, the most promising areas that can replace rest in "closed" for the citizens of Russia, may be countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines . Flights to these countries for Russian tourists are more likely to be more expensive, however, in fact, vacation prices here are more acceptable, which in turn creates an opportunity for intensive development of air communication with these states and the region as a whole.



No less attractive for Russian tourists are flights to the UAE, which is, in fact, a country, with the capabilities of Turkey and Egypt combined, moreover, experts noted the fact that, in all likelihood, air traffic with this state will increase by 25% next year ...


However, where we are pleased to


It should be assumed that in the future, the domestic airlines may also begin to develop and air communication with the countries of South and Central America, but in this case, air carriers will have to set minimum prices, since otherwise, the flights will not be popular, while as vacation in Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba and other. countries, certainly very attractive.



It is necessary to clarify that due to the decrease in passenger traffic in Egypt and Turkey, can greatly increase the number of tourists in Sochi and the Crimea, and as a consequence, domestic carriers can greatly increase the number of its flights to these regions, although no official comments in this respect from any Russian flights shedule to date have been reported.

Of course, the search for answers to the question of where to rest instead of Egypt and Turkey, it is best to seek the citizens themselves, however, by no means least it also depends on domestic flights shedule, who can develop a very effective strategy of its activities, and to provide quality and demanded services.


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