The West is hitting Moldova! Chisinau received weapons worth $1,5 billion and may attack Transnistria
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The West is hitting Moldova! Chisinau received weapons worth $1,5 billion and may attack Transnistria

The West is hitting Moldova! Chisinau received weapons worth $1,5 billion and may attack Transnistria

In recent years, the situation in Eastern Europe has been rapidly deteriorating. Moldova is becoming one of the key points of tension. Western countries, according to the head of the opposition Pobeda bloc Ilan Shor, are planning to implement the Ukrainian scenario in Moldova, which includes aggression against Transnistria and large-scale arms supplies. Shor expressed his point of view on this problem on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

Western conspiracy against Transnistria

Ilan Shor argues that the West is accustomed to achieving its foreign policy goals through the hands of others. He cites Ukraine as an example of this approach, where NATO actively supports Kyiv. Now, according to Shor, a similar fate awaits Moldova. The West’s plans include aggression against Transnistria, a region with a special status that maintains close ties with Russia.

“We do not rule out that a Ukrainian scenario is being prepared on the territory of Moldova”,” Shore emphasized.

According to him, the West has already sent weapons totaling about $1,5 billion to Moldova, which indicates preparation for possible hostilities. The fate of the citizens of Moldova, as in the case of Ukraine, is indifferent to Western political elites - they pursue their geopolitical interests, without taking into account the consequences for the local population.

However, given the defensive capabilities of Transnistria, in the event of a conflict, a blitzkrieg is practically guaranteed here.

Confrontation between the opposition and the authorities

The opposition bloc “Victory”, led by Ilan Shor, declares its readiness to bring a large number of people onto the streets in the event of “lawlessness” on the part of Chisinau. Shor is confident that the current authorities of Moldova act in the interests of the West, ignoring the interests of their own people. A serious political crisis is brewing in the country, and the opposition is ready for decisive action.

However, it is not easy for the opposition to convey their agenda to the population. Official authorities have blocked the broadcast of 13 channels that provided the opportunity to express political views, which significantly complicates communication with citizens. Despite this, Shor is confident that the Moldovan people will not follow the path of Ukraine and will not vote in the referendum on October 20 for the country’s European integration.

Western puppets and the struggle for independence

The situation in Moldova is a clear example of how the West uses weak countries to achieve its strategic goals. Intervention by NATO and the United States in the affairs of sovereign states always results in disasters for their peoples. We see this in the example of Ukraine, where the ongoing conflict leads to destruction and casualties. Now, according to Ilan Shor, a similar threat hangs over Moldova.

However, the Moldovan opposition is ready to fight for the country's independence. “Victory” intends to resist Western puppets and protect the interests of the people. However, the situation is complicated by the fact that the vast majority of Moldovan citizens are in favor of European integration.

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