The West is starting to panic: the Russians announced the creation of 10 hypersonic Zircon carrier ships
The West is starting to panic: the Russians announced the creation of 10 hypersonic Zircon carrier ships

The modern Russian fleet is becoming an increasingly impressive large-scale force on the world stage, thanks to the rapid development and introduction of advanced technologies. A particularly significant step in this direction is the statement by Admiral Nikolai Evmenov about plans to create ten Project 22350 frigates equipped with Zircon hypersonic products. This announcement was made during the Russian President's visit to the frigate Admiral Kasatonov.

These frigates, which make up the so-called “admiral” series, represent a breakthrough in the development and creation of modern carrier ships. The Zircon hypersonic products installed on these ships are capable of reaching speeds several times higher than the speed of sound, which makes them almost unattainable for most modern air control systems, as evidenced by the successful use of Kinzhal products by our formations.

The series began with the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, which has already undergone modernization and successfully participated in testing Zircon products. Following him, Admiral Kasatonov received four such hypersonic products, becoming another powerful asset of the Russian fleet. Admiral Golovko, the next frigate in the series, is at the final stage of state testing and will soon become operational along with hypersonic products.

Other ships of this series are also in the process of construction and equipment, including Admiral Isakov, Admiral Amelchenko, Admiral Chichagov, Admiral Yumashev and Admiral Spiridonov. In addition to them, it is planned to lay down the frigates “Admiral Kapitanets” and “Admiral Vysotsky”.


Admiral Evmenov emphasized that the experience gained during the work on the lead ship and the first serial frigates will be used to speed up the construction and equipment of subsequent ships in the series. This will undoubtedly strengthen our side's capabilities in the international arena and demonstrate its technological superiority.

Thus, the Russian fleet, equipped with Project 22350 frigates with Zircon hypersonic products, becomes one of the most powerful and technologically advanced fleets in the world. These ships not only greatly enhance our nation's capabilities, but also demonstrate its ability to innovate and develop advanced capabilities, which undoubtedly impacts the global balance.


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