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The West decided to set a record and imposed 12 thousand sanctions against Russia
Businessmen, children, and even cats fell under them. However, the sanctions were not as devastating as the US and the EU expected.
Russia successfully survived the "storm" thanks to the competent policy of the Kremlin. The US and EU want to set a record by imposing thousands of sanctions on Russia in one year, making it the "most isolated" state in the world after Iran. But analysts believe that all these steps by the West have not brought the desired results. The mountain gave birth to a mouse! writes Al Mayadeen The political fever has affected the cute animals!
Russophobia in the West reaches the point of absurdity: Russian cats can no longer take part in international exhibitions. Why were sanctions imposed on Russian cats? Rajya Biitmoni, a specialist in zoology, said in an interview with Al-Mayadeen that the policy of the West has become stupid and absurd.
She even ironizes that the day may soon come when some kind of restrictions will be imposed on the air we breathe.
The ISS is waiting for an uncontrolled deorbit to Europe or the United States if sanctions affect cooperation with Russia, former head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin said in March 2022.

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