Boeing 737: future problems for Russia
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The ban on Boeing 737: future problems for Russia

The ban on Boeing 737: future problems for Russia


The news that Boeing 737 aircraft can temporarily be decommissioned on the territory of the Russian Federation? Literally shocked the general public. As it became known, because of the inability to coordinate the situation around these planes between the Interstate Aviation Committee and the aircraft-building giant Boeing, most of the aircraft used by domestic airlines can remain on the ground, which in turn paralyzes passenger traffic on the territory of Russia. Unexpected decision, according to the official version, is based on unsafe operation of this model, but experts have already expressed a number of opinions on this situation.



As strange as it may seem, but local experts were skeptical of the version that the operation of the aircraft Boeing 737 is unsafe, mainly the statistics show, according to which, if the incidents with the model Boeing 737 and watched, as a rule, the majority of of them do not occur for technical reasons, as a result of a confluence of certain circumstances.


Conspiracy theory


Conspiracy theories appear around the aircraft with enviable frequency, however, the current version there are very plausible reasons, which to some extent may be of interest to suspend operation of passenger aircraft Boeing 737.



According to some experts, the termination of the operation of passenger airliners in the territory of the Russian Federation can be very beneficial, and this includes both parties, like the aircraft manufacturer Boeing itself, and a number of domestic enterprises or companies. Taking into account the first circumstance, it is worthwhile to assume that the corporation "Boeing" may have an interest in promoting to the Russian market other aircraft of its production, which will bring additional profit and provide a large number of orders. Taking into account the second circumstance, it can be noted that the decommissioning of foreign aircraft can bring a clear benefit to domestic aviation, since in this situation Russian airliners will only partially cede to Boeing 737, but at the same time, it will get a large number of orders for the production of air equipment, Which is beneficial, especially given the economic instability in the country.

Be that as it may, the information portal brought only the views of independent experts voicing conspiracy theory as an option under the circumstances.


The elimination of the major air carriers



As you know, passenger airliners Boeing 737 are one of the most popular among domestic air carriers, and in fact, if these aircraft are still decommissioned, it is to be assumed that domestic airlines can simply cease to exist as such. This theory can be based on the recently published data that in the near future attempts can be made to leave only a few major air carriers, however, it is hardly worthwhile to seriously think about this version, since the withdrawal from the service of these aircraft is very strong Will hit the domestic civil aviation, the restoration of which will take an extremely long time.


Trying to improve the safety of flights


The recent major air crashes that occurred recently could well make us think about the search for technical problems in the design of aircraft. In this case, the technical inspection of the aircraft assemblies of the Boeing 737 airliners could reveal the real problems of this model of aircraft, and therefore the Interstate Aviation Committee, considering the long enough disagreements with Boeing, could simply come to the conclusion that if the aircraft giant is not Intends to correct errors in the design of these aircraft, and the risk of problems in the air is large enough, then the operation of these airliners should be prohibited.



The current version, as mentioned above, also has a right to exist, thus, it is enough experts and adhere to it.


Whatever it was, it is necessary to assume that in view of the current situation around the Boeing 737, if in the near future, the corporation «Boeing» does not take measures to eliminate the shortcomings, and this most likely will not happen because of the large number of aircraft and therefore, high costs, the operation of the aircraft of this model in Russia podpadёt ban that, as stated earlier, will create enormous problems for air carriers and civil aviation as a whole.


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