Salary Captain Aeroflot
Salary Captain Aeroflot

Aeroflot captain's salary


- You said that the Russian pilots learn in our schools, in 35 years work depart to the west. There is information that they fly so whatever wages are higher. At the same time, you say that Salary Captain Aeroflot is 420000 rubles. Is there a big difference in salaries? Explain at the level of the first pilot, the second pilot and flight attendants. And what are we doing so that the shots do not flow to the west?


- Wage. It can be likened to «Lufthansa» - the leader and the leader of the whole of Europe. I officially say that after the deduction of income tax, the salary of our commanders higher than the commander «Lufthansa». It's a fact. Second pilots get a little less. Somewhere 300000-320000 rubles. But this is also a lot of money.


Interestingly, foreign experience does not require pilots of higher education, as we have. Well, it makes no sense to teach them 5 years, despite the fact that we have, "semi-finished". Pilot comes without a good knowledge of the language and it has not been studied in modern ships. They are simply not available in schools. Why we are the pilots?


We have created an aviation school in our country, which a month ago was included in the 10 best schools according to IATA. In it, we conduct retraining of pilots to bring them to mind.


 - And how much do you still cook them?


- It is still up to six months. It is understood that it costs us extra money. Why did the pilots go to the West? I understand, when the pilot leaves the private jet. Private Jet - is when someone has a jet for personal use. Yes, there really salaries are higher. However, the pilot went to another airline, this is now no longer exists. In any case, in the "Aeroflot" for the last year 1,5 such cases I do not know. The pilot can go to another Russian company, if there is any interest. For example timetable is not satisfied.


I spoke with the two commanders who were dismissed from "Aeroflot" a year ago. They were not satisfied with the schedule. One wanted to sleep every day in the family. He was not prepared to spend the night away from home. While others say that the graph bad as it every day at home, and he did not like. This is reality. Everyone is trying to negotiate some of his specific condition.


 In Aeroflot we pay a lot, but the demands are high. In other companies, the demand is much less. But at the same time we give the opportunity to study on simulators. We are constantly raising the level of social benefits for pilots. From 2009 to 2011, the salary fund for pilots increased by 30 million dollars a year. That is, at all they get on 30 millions of dollars a year more. This is a significant increase. Therefore, speculations on the topic “my salary is lower than that of Westerners” are simply inappropriate. 

General Director of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" Vitaly Saveliev.

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