Plant "Boeing" in Everett
Plant "Boeing" in Everett

Plant "Boeing" in Everett



The Everett plant has a market capitalization of approximately $ 59 billion. President and Chairman of the Board of Directors - McNerney James.

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The company produces a wide range of military and civil aircraft, together with Airbus being the largest manufacturer of aircraft in the world. In addition, Boeing produces a wide range of aerospace military applications (including helicopters), leads a fairly large-scale space programs (for example, the spacecraft CST-100).

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The structure of the Boeing has two major divisions:

Boeing Commercial Airplanes is engaged in the development of civil aircraft;

Integrated Defense Systems provides military and space programs.

The company delivers its aircraft in 145 the world. Boeing is actively cooperating with more than 5200 suppliers from more than one hundred countries.

In 2001, the organization was formed Boeing International, which controls the company's operations in seventy countries of the world except the US market, where it is responsible for the design and execution of the company's overall growth strategy. It evaluates and determines the competitive opportunities and benefits in the host country to improve the intellectual resources and technologies, business development and partnerships. President of Boeing International - Shepard Hill.

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Boeing has its own private firefighting service, the Boeing Fire Department. It currently has 21 fire brigades, 300 professional level firefighters, 13 non-firefighters.

In 1990-1994, a series of famous Boeing 777 - a series of wide-body passenger aircraft for long-range aviation lines. The Boeing 777 has set an absolute record for distance among passenger aircraft: 21 km.

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From 2004 to 2009, a revolutionary type of wide-body economical twin-engine passenger jet aircraft was created Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This aircraft will replace and supersede soon market an aging Boeing 767 series. Boeing has said that the Dreamliner more economical than all previous development. This project inherits many of the revolutionary technologies and ideas (for example, wings and fuselage made of carbon fiber) preceding it Boeing Sonic Cruiser, which was developed at the end of 1990-ies and was shelved indefinitely.


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