Plant "Boeing" in St. Louis
Plant "Boeing" in St. Louis

Plant "Boeing" in St. Louis



Plant "Boeing" in St. Louis - a major corporation Boeing plants involved in the competition with Airbus

Airbus and Boeing is the world's largest manufacturers of civil aircraft, and each other global competitors.

  • A320 и Boeing 737... Medium-sized aircraft targeted for medium-range airlines, each type has many modifications of the A320. In recent years, it has sold much higher volumes than Boeing products.
  • A380 и Boeing 747  Large-capacity aircraft for long and medium-haul airlines. Asian airlines, regular users of the 747s, are the main customers of the A380. At the moment, Boeing 747s are produced in an amount of no more than ten units per year, there are very few new orders for passenger aircraft (out of 99 Boeing 747s ordered since the beginning of 2006, only 27 are passenger). At the same time, A380 orders for the same period increased by 60 passenger liners.
  • A330 и Boeing 767. The Airbus became more commercially successful in recent years.
  • A340 и Boeing 777... Both aircraft appeared at the same time, but due to fuel efficiency, which is higher for the Boeing 777 and for a number of other reasons, the American company sold twice as many aircraft as its European competitor.

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Very few new orders for A340. It is assumed that A350 It will compete with Boeing 777

  • Also, both companies are bringing new types of aircraft to the market - Boeing 787 and A350 (Boeing sold the first aircraft to the customer in 2011; the first A14 flight took place on June 2013, 350).


indicators of activity

In 2007, Boeing sold 441 civil aircraft to customers, including 330 Boeing 737s. In 2008, the plant delivered 375 aircraft: 290 Boeing 737s (including 6 Boeing Business Jet), 14 747s, 10 767s and 61 copies of the 777s. During this period, the pace of deliveries had to be adjusted for several weeks due to the aftermath of the strike, which caused a halt in production at the Boeing plant.

The plant delivered 2010 civil aircraft in 462, thereby fulfilling one hundred percent of its annual plan: 460 aircraft. This year, 530 firm already guaranteed orders have been received. Boeing's order book for civil aircraft increased by 3443 aircraft.

The number of employees at the end of 2008 was over 162 thousand people. In 2008, the company had revenues of $ 60,9 billion. (in 2007 - $ 66,4 billion), net profit - $ 2,7 billion ($ 4,1 billion).

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Current production

Aviation equipment


  • Boeing 707 ;
  • Boeing 377 Stratocruiser;
  • Boeing 727 ;
  • Boeing 717 ;
  • Boeing 747;
  • Boeing 737;
  • Boeing 767;
  • Boeing 757;
  • Boeing 787 Dreamliner;
  • Boeing 777;
  • Series Boeing Business Jet;


  • Boeing EA-18 Growler;
  • Boeing CH-47 Chinook;
  • Boeing YAL-1;

Rocket Forces

  • AGM-86:
  • AGM-69 SRAM.

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